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  1. All them kids and the guy filming should be arrested.
  2. Shows no integrity and will dance for the rich white man.
  3. Where's Silver Da Lyrical? Man was fully on a dayo but ended up with a English tingling.
  4. Imagine, their stupid government are letting this shit happen. Fuck Brazil and fuck the Brazilians who back that racist c*nt of a leader. @FA23 Lucas Moura is a c*nt, self hating prick.
  5. Nothing is organic anymore.
  6. The one with the knife boxed?
  7. Do people play pes still?.....
  8. Boy, sad to see him go. Hopefully everyone else fixes up! Should have been sold for £50m tbh
  9. @Turkishalthough Koscielny is a d*ckhead, he was our best cb since the invincibles.... being pissed at him shouldn't change the true. Also brox why are you vex in your video? When was the last time we had a window like this? Be happy bro! At least it looks like Raul is moving in the correct way when compared to our last CEO. Also, any signing should be talked about for arsenal, because you never know, those cheap signings could be the best things to happen to us..... look at man United and Sanchez...... LoL
  10. I'd probably rent it out too tbh
  11. I used to think meh, but don't they have a womans version? Even if Arsenals women defenders are good, they'd get brushed off in a man's game.
  12. Even the backups
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2050414/Casey-Brittle-beaten-death-violent-partner-Sanchez-Williams.html Just watched "Murderes by my Boyfriend" again. Hope this Sanchez guy rots in prison.
  14. It pisses me off when people cuss Iwobi. They need to fuck off tbh. Guy has done great, especially being home grown arsenal talent.
  15. I hear what your saying, but the best way to save Arsenal is to boycott. You're mugging yourself off splashing thousands on a ticket, and those who are waiting are crazy. like last year where there were empty seats, who would want to watch a game with dead fans and dead atmosphere? The Emirates is dead when I go, when there's no fans, it's even worse. Even with the "days out" fans going, they'd be restricted and think the stadium is dead and hopefully, recommend their friends not to go due to it being boring. I will never go back to the Emirates until I see change. If I were you, I'd do what Goliath does and only do away games, where their income is much reduced. I would avoid Emirates airlines, avoid Rwanda and never buy or rent a Citroen. Arsenal is dying. The kids are starting not to support them and support winners. That's only for Arsenal to be blamed. This will lead to them having no money in the next decade and lead to them being a mid table club unfortunately. The logical thing to do is to spend your cash on enriching your life, not wasting money on a company that is designed to exploit people and rinse their finances without spending on actually providing a service that makes people feel, at least, content. Best thing I've done was not going on the waiting list, means I can do other stuff that puts a smile on my face. I agree with you going to Newcastle, boycotting and screaming Kroenke out. But bro, you need to get involved with them arsenal groups and pressure them to support you.
  16. Imagine we get Tierney, Alvez, a CB and Pepe before the end of the window, would have taken the piss!
  17. Full lest Saed to fight, smh
  18. Just seen a Facebook post by @Ashman of Priti Patel on capital punishment..... what a stupid woman! Hopefully capital punishment in introduced to traitors such as herself.
  19. [Usmanov] I either have Arsenal, or I destroy them [/Usmanov]
  20. All the bounties returning or taking positions. Guy is an idiot.
  21. If I were Bale, I'd just take the paycheck, 5 more years in the game so clean up the money.
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