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  1. Cornette is a legend. Wwe losing so many viewers, it's crazy!
  2. Da Luv Doc


    Your family doesn't respect you, for letting her go to the party that is evidence. You're pissed! Get some pride back, tell off the member of family who invited her, and make sure you and your family do not contact her again. If she manages to get back in, then you need to ask some serious questions about yourself.
  3. Da Luv Doc


    Forget that, nothing wrong with beating. Only time it's wrong is if the woman has a bf/husband, a family member, she has an std/sti or she's trying to trap you. Apart from that, nothing wrong at all.
  4. Lol No idea how Man United have no good established right backs.
  5. RIP The United kingdom of fucking idiots.
  6. I was close to applying for a job there. But not being married have having kids could be an issue and force me to marry. Heard depending on what company and level you're at, you're laughing.... but there's a dark side....
  7. An absolute joke. Fear mongering to the max.
  8. And it's started! France dominating South Korea!
  9. Smfh. America..... tbf, the UK is becoming just like them, which is very scary!
  10. @Thun I will fully admit that the left have politicised this climate change crap. It is not a left or right thing, it is a science and the numbers not making sense thing. They've been exposed that they chat shit with cooking the numbers and models. Also, these cunts who are pro climate changlings usually fly everywhere around the global, with the richer ones using private jets. I heard some climate changling c*nt say we should have limited air miles ffs. Fuck them and their mum! On that note, I stand fully behind anyone who sees that its bollocks. I agree with all the other actual pollution that comes from burning fossil fuels, but the co2 thing is crap. These counts told people to buy diesels. I was saying that's bullshit as the other toxic chemicals will do a lot of harm. Even though I live in the sticks, even I get shook with my kids health with all the shit that is pumped out, but never, ever co2.
  11. Mesut Ozil of boxing. Dillian Whyte to knock AJ out when they fight again.
  12. It tastes shit now, need to go Italy to cop the real shit (there are better drinks there though).
  13. Shit Brazilian, needed to play for Italy to play international football.
  14. And isn't it strange that the ones who cry about "climate change" travel all the time?
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