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  1. Cyber sex Robot sex Cyber porn Transformer sex 3D Sex Cyber sex adventures Also cyber gay escapades for the gay baboons such as a Thun and Venom, (Carpe too)
  2. So being appointed as an admin for a shitty forum thats way past its prime & RWD days is more manly than eating healthy and working out? I see.
  3. Whats up with this yout. Lol at October, knowing Arsenal he'll be back in Jan
  4. Posted di wrong video Sorry but menace to society is remembered for this [media]
  5. Start me new job next week and on my first pay day i will buy di whips
  6. Anyone here torch some fat while preserving muscle try this: Mon - Fri or Sat Eat less than 100 grams of carbs Sat-Sun (I only use Sunday for re-feed) Carb up, your bodyweight in lbs x 2 = number of grams of carbs you eat on your refeed day. BRB Getting shredded while keeping most of my muscle BRB strength still going up BRB 100KG squat with today with only 20grams of carbs for the day BRB looking aesthetic as f*ck Working well for me and my mates - If you weigh more or your bodyfat levels are high 20%+ I'd even recommend two days in the week where you eat no carbs.
  7. lower di carbs - less than 100 grams mon to friday and refeed di carbs on weekend>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Ball so hard motherufckers wanna find me
  9. so how much was the rental fee for that audi
  10. f*ck Malaga. If we're gonna sign him hurry up and get it done already, don't want another Mata.
  11. Gonna be big, already told my bro to f*ck off because the TV is mine from 1AM. This will be the first time im watching an entire RAW episode since the one after Wrestlemania 28. Predicting Brock will tear HBK a new one Undertaker & Stone Cold already been confirmed.
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