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  1. Ape

    Modern Warfare 3

    Same old f*ck*ng sh*t. Will purchase.
  2. So they should wait for it to get higher bro?
  3. Ape


    sh*t don Now the next time a masked miscreant tries to draw you to his chambers you can request to see if their genitals are that of a male or female beforehand.
  4. Them diet coke and mentos reactions there
  5. creasing @ the example. pretty sh*t
  6. I have never been high before.
  7. Ape

    Flossin thread

    People have different views in life. We all have different things that make us happy. Yung Bawses friend thought getting that new whip would make him happy so he saved up for it. Some people put happiness before sense. Whatever the case, the guy with the whip set a goal and achieved it. If he wanted to save up for a house he now knows it is not impossible.
  8. Ignore that shitTalk to her like you never even saw itSoon she will realise youre not a d*ckhead and that sh*t doesn't get to you
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