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  1. Your girl put you onto unisex fragrance so she can keep stealing yours.
  2. Indian food in East Ham >>> Tayaabs and Lahore Kebab House
  3. smelly feet


    Pizza Express is nice but they are very tight with the portion size. Dominos is better than Pizza Slut for delivery pizza. I was underwhelmed by Papa Johns.
  4. I hate this terminology. Why are they trying to make cafe staff sound like legal experts? Costa Coffee was founded by 2 Italian brothers Barista means bartender in Italian Yeah but this ain't Italy, and we don't call bartenders 'baristas' either. All just prententious nonsense. 'Server' will do me just fine.
  5. I hate this terminology. Why are they trying to make cafe staff sound like legal experts?
  6. smelly feet


    Recently seen some BBC report saying alot of them round the corner pizza shops use fake cheese You get me...vegetable fat mixed with milk powder. Fucking gross.
  7. smelly feet


    Arabs do NOT like black men trying it with their women. Just in case any of you were thinking of it. And, they favour Arabs and white people over anyone else over there, anyone else gets treated like shit on their shoes. Truth. They treat the Asians like dirt, they don't treat black people any better.
  8. You're right, it's not a guarantee, but you'll sure be cutting out a lot of the shit by sending them to private school. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. School, healthcare, dentistry.
  9. Private school. At least that way you know that your kid will be mixing with other kids with parents who have got the same idea as you. I don't want to be sending my kids to mix with asbo kids with asbo parents who let their kids do whatever they want (no discipline), and you won't be getting those kids at all in private schools.
  10. smelly feet


    Scampi fries baby!
  11. Pure evil…bitch destroys a woman's face for calling her an ugly beast…imagine what else she is actually capable of? Needs to be locked up forever in solitary! Now own up…who here knows this Konye bitch?
  12. Her friend seemed somewhat normal in comparison. Odd pair.
  13. That spotty ugly ting, the art student with her friend, is what drugs is she on? Face like a smack head, act like a coke head. Her name was Cee Cee I think??! I'd walk straight back out of any eating establishment if I saw her sitting there. Would put me off my food. Along with the elderly tranny.
  14. How do you know the woman didn't get HIV from raping someone herself?
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