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  1. his picture was in paper: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/tributes-paid-to-loving-father-who-died-in-fireball-grand-theft-autostyle-crash-9977218.html
  2. I assumed it was a black victim too! Clearly not the only person who did
  3. rich225

    Outside London UK & Europe Clubbing

    lool book derby court :I actually dont its grim
  4. rich225

    Outside London UK & Europe Clubbing

    preston is emotional!!!!!!!!!!! huddersfield is alright! reading is DEAD though trussssssssss.
  5. rich225

    someone got shanked in Oxford street today

    I just wonder what roles fathers are playing in these kids lives!
  6. place in derby called mango tang is serious!!!
  7. rich225

    What clothes are we feeling?

    get to the ralph lauren sample sale this friday and saturday
  8. rich225

    What clothes are we feeling?

    im looking to cop this coat maaaan: http://www.hardcloud.com/product/w11-dj-05-gngr.asp?source=webgains&siteid=7843 http://www.hardcloud.com/product/w11-dj-05-gngr.asp?source=webgains&siteid=7843
  9. rich225

    ukg The DJ EZ Thread

    expired now too late!
  10. rich225

    hiphop The Weeknd

    big mixtape
  11. rich225

    Caribbean Resturant recommendation

    go up north to mango tang in derby lol bigggggggggggg
  12. rich225

    Summer shades

    some serious glasses...gwan
  13. rich225

    X Factor 2010

    ri ri was different! Legoman go get paid fam! Do ya thing out there!!
  14. rich225

    English Defence League

    i was at lei train station on my way to the smoke...police presence was madness!!!
  15. rich225


    I went to club sunnum in sant ant bahia was decent!!!! Some specialist deep house night