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  1. If they want to cover their faces let them.
  2. What is the reason given for why women in some cultures must dress like this? covering body and hair was pretty normal in all the major religions at one point, the niqab is not compulsory. Nobody has a problem with them ones though you can see the whole face = no issues the ones people have a problem with are the ninja ones where you can just see the eyes or some of them have some next thing over the eyes too, so you can't see anything at all and they wear gloves lol it's dumb Why would u have a problem with it? How is it affecting you?
  3. Parker is the worlds most complete modern player, where i've heard that before?
  4. #Athlete If thats the case then why didn't Muamba, Reo Coker, Jenas, Diame, Mulumbu ever hit those heights? They are all very good athletes as well.
  5. He says he has more to his game than Viera, how is that mocking? He compared him to what some would argue Uniteds best ever midfielder and your saying mocking lol your deluded. And just to add, Gerrard is a better footballer than Robson or Keane could ever dream to be.
  6. Some of these lot in here would make great candidates.
  7. He is more explosive than Robinho ever was.
  8. Alie fuck Harry the cockney twat, Spurs were a big club with the likes of Ricky Villa and Ossile Ardilles having played for them, they were renowned in Europe having been to the semi finals of the Intertoto Cup and then Harry comes and turns them to a team challenging for 4th smh at the twitchy c*nt.
  9. Lol i'm talking about Hypo saying every real nigga should punch Lethal when they see him, true say no fighting.
  10. Black guys fighting over white hoes.
  11. Well pace and power is important to him, he isn't a Rui Costa or a Zidane mate.
  12. What do they have to gain from doing that though?
  13. What are you talking about mate, the tactics and defenders back in Serie A in the 80's surpasses anything that is around now, the average goals in the league was less due to this. The Italian league back then had a mentality of playing defensive/ focusing alot of defensive aspects. Wingers weren't used, pacey players were very rare, the build up play was very slow and patient. Maradonna thrived in a League where players like him were a complete enigma to the opposition defenders. They didn't know how to approach him, handle or cope with him. lol @ saying Tactics have gotten worse. If anything the Italian league has moved in a way where it has started producing more attacking players, bringing in alot more foreign attacking players and doesn't harbor AS MUCH focus on defense as it once did. Napoli and Udinese are prime examples of the changing times of Italian football. No the tactics are worse, 80's Serie A was the golden era for Italian defenders, you had the likes of Costacurta, Baresi, Maldini, Gentile all playing in the same time, some of the greatest strikers played in that league and it wasn't easy, Van Bastens career ended prematurely because of it. And Maradona is an enigma to any defence, however if the point your trying to make is that skillful playmakers weren't playing in the Serie A in them days then your wrong. If you have a focus on anything then obviously you will produce more of them. By producing more you increase your chances exponentially of creating greater productions on a higher frequency. Simple really. Van Basten wasn't italian FFS i'm trying to tell you Italians where in the business of massing out defenders and you name a foreign striker. So you agree with my original point?
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