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  1. anyone else having problems getting into threads
  2. bu bu bang bang bang
  3. yung bawse original deev lol cant imagine the deviance u must of partaken in whilst on 8 pints of SC
  4. most sexy brown tings have them nice feet not about black girls feet tho or most white girls tbh
  5. lol at venom getting caught out trying to be a guy called ben tho. proper started an up your boat topic with his being someone elses picture.
  6. why is it waste wtf how can smoking a plant make you a wasteman
  7. im here but am i di reel deel
  8. he got a month and a $400 fine. well thats what it says in first post mate
  9. yeah guy had 7 charges against him tho didnt get a month just for that. the moral to the story is he did good but wasnt clever enough to just hand it in n not sob his heart out in the confession room.
  10. taxi for time bomb! trying to hard son. ive seen that picture of black jesus in so many of my boys mums yards lol
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