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  1. Matt Derbyshire you know. Man rejected us for Blackburn. Didn't even know he was still kicking ball.
  2. Haze-e

    Becky Adenuga

    Killed me. Fucking idiot.
  3. Haze-e


    Got this in my list ain't touched yet. Defo looking forward to jumping in.
  4. He went waaaaaaaaay OTT and shouldnt have nor needed to put hands on her but nobody else got wheeled... she didn't even deserve a wheel... didn't have to call man a prick.
  5. Free agent this year he can go where he wants. It's unlikely he stays in Cleveland. Maybe L.A. because they can easily have the cap space for him and Paul George. Gonna be an interesting summer.
  6. LeSuits 2-0 GS easy
  7. Not gonna go into detail coz it ain't my business (sorry for the tt4sfdkk) but just know man has no morals. Scumbag.
  8. Listen. Real talk. Mike is a fucking scumbag before all this shit has popped out. Smh. Tramp.
  9. Haze-e


    Same. That's how you know lingeux mashed up this place loool. Didn't even think anything of it. That coulda been a great sun headline though for the amounts of stabbings last month.
  10. Haze-e


    Brought it on herself. Only feel sorry for her youts. Lol at her getting dash from the barbershop though. So deep could never leave my son there. Would need a new barber.
  11. Madness. Jr Smith though Wtf was he doing?
  12. Oh fuck! Forgot what day it was. SLACK!
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