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  1. Ayeeeee Most underrated.
  2. Great appointment? We don't know this bro. Will be good for the players morale I guess but we'll see how he does in time.
  3. Haze-e


    What's your fave diss track of all time bro?
  4. Haze-e


    Gassed What? Listen again. That was vicious.
  5. Haze-e


    King Push>>>>
  6. Hmmm. That is defo fucked up. Nasty.
  7. Did you man watch loose women? Could never watch such a podcast.
  8. Tsk tsk. Close but SWEPT SO BADLY. Dunno if they recover. Other teams in the East are getting stronger this was one of the best chances they wouldve had. C. Ron is a winner. I agreed with this at first but guy just pads his stats so crazily. Haha. Close but LeBron and GS are just too far gone. If LeBron stays in the East (I don't see it) then wherever he goes next year plus GS again in the finals. WATTBA
  9. Yeah that is fucked up. Press and media in general is just disgusting anyway smh. Don't think I could ever be a journalist.
  10. Funniest thing someone else said this in the comments and the guy mentioned Rooney, Wilshere and Beckham who get this same stuff from the media so it's defo not a race thing. Lol @ The one where he dared to buy clothes.
  11. Live by the three, die by the three. Imagine 81 points worth of shots just thrown away. Just making 4 of those changes the outcome. GS hate is too funny. Team is amazing and built through the draft as a great team should be (sans KD). Not losing on purpose like Philly. Not purchased via trades like El Heat (Bosh and LeGOAT). And they play brilliant basketball changing the whole culture of the game. New age Spurs. Steve Kerr new Pop. GS in 4 or 5. New dynasty begins.
  12. That third quarter by GS shows why they are the best. Lights out second half. Unlk Harden. Played great this series but ultimately team ball>>>>solo stars. Cavs vs Warriors. Let's go Warriors.
  13. Wait. This was a real film? I saw the trailer on an advert I thought it was a parody like Scary Movie. Shame.
  14. Haze-e


    Disrespectful serving.
  15. Woodward already licking his lips, rubbing his hands together crunching the numbers.
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