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  1. O.Man>>>>>>> Don was giving me jokes last night. O.Man + Revs tank teamwork>>>>>>>>>>> Beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye. Skemars MAV work>>>>>> I'm impressed with the whole 360 squad tbh. No weak links. Add my boys and the games are too jokes. BF>>>>>>>>>>>>> Never actually thought it would stop me playing COD but I'm already looking forward to the next one!
  2. I feel like I lose alot of battles I should win GOG. They feel less powerful...
  3. This. Getting bossed. They well deserve to be in front.
  4. Did you lot not watch E3?
  5. Lol @ My heart skipping a beat when I saw the ball in the air... Then I remembered it was Lindergaard in goal *Phew*
  6. Support>>>>>>>>> CLAYMORES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Too much fun. Seeing an orange triangle running towards your claymore>>>>>>>>> I just sit there grinning. Whats the best gun?
  7. Im interested. Will buy for the collection. Dunno if I will play often, got 2 PSP's collecting dust in my drawers. Still need the 3DS aswell. Will try cop both this year.
  8. What was the Jmoney exposure? I can't remember.
  9. Got the Recon star. Moving onto Supprt to get that before going home to my Assault/AEK combo. I enjoyed Recon. It shall be seeing me again.
  10. Just got probably my best kill ever in my BF3 career. M98B. 2 Kills with one bullet (One headshot one chest collateral I guess). Unlocked the G18supressed, got promoted AND got my M98B service star at the same time LMAO Im sick.
  11. Can you merge with Perverted Hermit and the old Haze-e account? Is it possible?
  12. Haze-e


    Phonecharger repost the kid locked to the lampost via bike chain.
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