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  1. On another note, Salah dislocated shoulder supposedly. Will miss WC. Pain.
  2. Bale taking the piss with that Quaresma there.
  3. Lard. We gorra ghem mehn. Firminio come like G Herbo
  4. Se Dons>>>>>>Palmers (Yes bias) (Facts also though) #AnythingForTheDons #AnythingForPaula
  5. Haze-e


    Mentioned man's wife. HAS to reply.
  6. Remember Iggy didn't play last game though and they only lost by a Draymond fumble. LeBron is different LeGravy. Monster.
  7. 10000x funnier. I'm doooone loool
  8. So many gun bars Dunno if I can take these man seriously tbh.
  9. The shimmy killed me. Steph was loving it haha Dunno how many of you watch GoZ but this is quite possibly the greatest ep of all time. Was creasing throughout.
  10. Woy... GS looking SHAKY BABY
  11. Klays time Harden tonight... boyyyy
  12. Haze-e

    Pusha T

    Loooooooool Kanye still found time to poop scoop on there. Verse was nice though.
  13. Loool "When the ting went Quack quack quack..."
  14. Fuck Cavs/Rockets. If there's gotta be an anomaly it's gotta be Celtics... but boyyyy. I fell asleep yesterday Warriors had a commanding lead. Woke up thinking wtf happened.
  15. Foolishness. Bring a white fan on stage to rap one of your songs, that by chance has the word nigga in it about 1000 times. Set her up for failure, he knows she's screaming every word at home. Lol at "am I not cooool enough for you broooooo"
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