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  1. Romero injured in training and will miss the World Cup. Guess Caballero starts
  2. Trolling took it's toll on her body
  3. Haze-e

    The BETA Thread.

    Game is NOT noob friendly. If you ain't been playing for a long fucking time and understand the nuances of each class etc you are finished.
  4. Haze-e

    Bojan Krkic

    Anxiety is no joke. Panic attacks, social anxiety etc. Whatever the form it's super hard to deal with. Got family and friends that have gone through it it can progress to depression etc.
  5. Yup. Wasn't Marilyn Manson going through something like this at one point in time too. Edit:- Columbine shooting.
  6. Haze-e

    Rick and Morty

    Can't wait. That's like 5-7 more seasons.
  7. These kids would be doing this with or without drill music, whether it be Twitter, Facebook live, WhatsApp groups there is a numerous amount of ways for individuals to show their disdain for one another. "Cheffings" and "Chingings" will always occur, like they always have. Social media just makes it even easier to do.
  8. Same. It's still there but I ain't used it in like 5 years or so.
  9. True. I'm still taking Bale though. But this also probably means Martial defo gone. *Cries*
  10. It's Laurel. Imma drop the vid in a sec.
  11. Firstly... I have no idea why this was in my recommended but I watched the whole thing I was fascinated lool. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE AN AFRO AND WAVES?!? THAT SHIT LOOKED LIKE THE PACIFIC OCEAN. CUTTING THROUGH IT WAVES JUST EMBEDDED UNDERNEATH. Crazy.
  12. Looooool. His face "Whaaaaaaat??"
  13. http://bleacherreport.com/post/serie-a/4898b976-1a11-483b-afb8-c13ee0769dde Loool jokes.
  14. Feel sorry for LeBron
  15. Bought the GOTY edition on the weekend. Wow! Amazing game. This shits all over Skyrim easy. Clocked near 20hrs and I'm level 9. Just finished the Barons quest now he wants me to kill the Crimes but doing some treasure hunts first. Playing one under the hardest setting.
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