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  1. The injury history over the years was atrocious tbh. Lewin and the team mussa been moving like Plague Doctors with outdated medicinal herbs and leeches and shit. "Bring me 2 fish eyes a goats ear and the brain of a demigorgon"
  2. Saw this in my recommended yesterday, thought it was a Stormzy documentary lool. 10secs in though wtf is that guy doing on the floor? Holy Spirit knocked man out.
  3. Loool he weren't even too bad in the first. Probably won that round as messy as it was. But that Psyduck reaction from the left hook. Yikes. Took about 2 seconds before his legs realised he took a mad shot.
  4. Boy I thought the Rockets woulda taken game 1 at home... if they lose Game 2 it's gonna be tough.
  5. Lol looked like a school playground fight. Props to your boy though.
  6. Sheeeeeeeit [/Clay Davis]
  7. Meh. Decent. Done ok in the u18 league. Would like to see Carrick groomed.
  8. Arteta... However Mancini just left, mutual consent. Food for thought.
  9. Liverpool unbeaten at home. City 100pts Entertaining season I guess.
  10. Defo flew over your head like a rude pigeon in Leicester square.
  11. Tottenham getting bodied https://streamable.com/10ghz
  12. Wow. Shouts to iamddb. Kit looks nice.
  13. What a bunch of fucking retards.
  14. Love this site https://thelibraryofohara.com/2018/05/11/chapter-secrets-chapter-904/ (SPOILERS for those who ain't read the latest chapter) Just confirms the brilliance and genius of Oda for me.
  15. Defo sending, but its facts though.
  16. https://streamable.com/i9n44 Loool. Pogba didn't budge. Noble nearly bounced off man.
  17. David Golden glove for his first time.
  18. Haze-e


    I thought the other shoe went too far... Gucci actually taking the piss. $1400 aswell. Smh.
  19. I take it back. Apologies.
  20. Haze-e


    Loooooool. Stop. Please.
  21. Wait a minute... Arsenal still haven't earned an away point in 2018? Crazy.
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