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  1. Harvey Weinstein

    hype williams must be knee deep in puss
  2. Harvey Weinstein

    pmsl i posted at the same time you wrote this
  3. Harvey Weinstein

    this may tie into to that vtec is saying ( about the genre being tarnished/bastardized) but to me a video vixen is a hoe if you want to be a video vixen shaking bam on camaera you are definielty prepared to suck c*ck for the 'privilege' to be in that video aka superhead aint no morals from them heaux them hip hop directors must have BODIES on them aabosulte bodies imagine the numbers little x/ director x must have i remeber there was some white creepy looking director that all the rappers used to use he must be next on the list surely
  4. Harvey Weinstein

    unless its white women looking for a paycheque i cant see it happening that or some rapper touching kids these rappers are surrounded by too many women wanting to free up the puss to be sexually assaulting these hoes
  5. zimbabwe coup?

  6. zimbabwe coup?

    my man but why am i seeing only one source for this letter
  7. Harvey Weinstein

    iovine and lyopr both look like creeps (men) iovine looks like a gay creep so lets wait and see
  8. zimbabwe coup?

    thsi time, the daemon comes with a name akin to Choo Yun Foo as oppoed to James Smith
  9. A complete list of plants

  10. Harvey Weinstein

    The way my brain works if I saw that I would take it as a warning from God and would either abort misssion or stay somewhere else
  11. zimbabwe coup?

  12. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Sorry didn't see that vid above before quite coonish still I retract my previous statement
  13. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Is dapaah taking the piss when he does dr ofori is dontjealousme taking the piss when he does his thing It's comedy no need to be so sensistive