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  1. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    possibly but it doesnt change the fact that that man took two schools in the brokest areas of the uk and turned them into top perfoming schools in the uk thats mad check his resume https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Wilshaw didnt even know he grew up in south london
  2. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    that other pompous white geezer was head my school st bons boys school in forest gate same school tinchy stryder, jermaine defoe, winner of first apprentice tim cablell , chuba akpom, chris hughton, first black president of oxford student union lewis iwu list goes on he knows what hes talking about took a school n the most broke area of newham to acheiving the same results than most private schools at the time he did the same with the school he went to afterward - mossbourne in hackney that school was amongst the top permfoing in the whole country and it was in hackney where most of the students were from poor ethnic minority families if he is pompous he certainly has a right to be so.
  3. Summer 2018

  4. spac nation

    the essex dons that do it got some sort of P tbh they do stunt hard like blacks but they (in gernal) wont have all these luxury items stowed away in their dusty council flat cupboards dad is a builder and owns his house in raleigh as well as bungalow in billericay , mum is an administrattor 'down in london' and keeps the home afloat look at the spac documentary my man stepped out of his council yard in oVal did you see his tattered iron board , yet he drove to church in a cla priorities all over the place
  5. spac nation

    veblen goods
  6. spac nation

    its just a black thing it comes from deep bedded insecurity imo when you are globally seen as the lowest rung of society material goods are an easy option to present yourself on a higher social level to others
  7. Are there actually ANY nice area's in East?

    its always been the case
  8. spac nation

    ag speaking sense but no need to insult people in the process
  9. Next Arsenal Manager

    and what did you deduce from that?
  10. NBA 2017-2018

  11. Ryan Sessengon

    whatever you do ...dont come to man utd
  12. Next Arsenal Manager

    surprised benitez hasnt been in the mix
  13. spac nation

    what does it say
  14. @CrepesAndCones

  15. Official Twitter Thread

    large up my ex headteacher on the panel that man was a G turned a failing school in the ends into one of the top performers in the country until he left then became head of ofsted he knows what hes talking about