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  1. Instagram

    who didnt have air max 97 ten years ago shit comes back it is what it is
  2. Work & Life

    fuck them devils about dont want to come in thats only going to effect you not them let them 'reprimand' you in the way they deem necessary and continue to do your job whislt looking elsewhere if you really want to take it to them, document the emails and when you leave take them to court we as black people never exercise our right to litigation when we are wronged dunno if these is a fear of the law or laziness or both

    next time use your own card to pay for the cabs bro i see you
  4. Winter Olympics

  5. dom are you gay youve def always been on the defence for the homos
  6. Hmmm seems fair 🙆🏾‍♀️
  7. Never ever said such a thing in my life but two mums or two dads thats all kind of fucked up I for one want no part of this deviancy
  8. someone gave an example of imagine meeting a ting and finding out she has two dads or two mothers i tell you what id run a mile RED RED FLAG
  9. ive always been of the opinion that this is fucked up hes either gay or very very very fked in the head as per what someone said earleir on tin the thread - money talks ronaldos kids i feel will be a test case for sure
  10. AND THIS IS IT FFS why dont you take your bum bandi selves and do your ting in quiet instead you feel you have a divine right to kids, marriage breastfeeding, to option to change sex and then be treated as such and have the same rights , clearly a mental illness and should be treated as such, like someone said there is only a matter of time before paedophilia comes into the same agenda its coming even the word homophobia is a bullshit word we are not scared or fearful of homosexuality , we dont agree with it and we are very well in our rights to do so as it is against the principles of nature anyway this is all wypipo antics i am taking advantage of the opportunities available to me here , then im off to carve my fortune in Afftown. My kids will not be subject to the forced agenda
  11. this may be the case, but gay adoption is a relatively new thing we will seen the results (clearly negative) 20-30, etc years from now
  12. have you and your man adopted?
  13. The ting goes.......... (Las Vegas Edition)

    fam i thought the same thing
  14. B B B B B B B B B B B B B
  15. The ting goes.......... (Las Vegas Edition)

    how does trumps bum taste bino? you love it