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  1. Neymar

    oh my lord neymar with the lv drop s qd de f erw fak he is dropping
  2. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    nothing wrong with the brogues come on / seydou do you where those brogues to the gym or to the corneshop or just a casual visit to your boys or girls house
  3. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    fam! seydou i thought we were cool
  4. Taking L's with Links

    story of your life mate
  5. Week 05 - 17/18 Premier League & EFL Cup R3

    Cavani had to do that tho. Let him know he still the captain shame he missed
  6. Libido

    this guy

    I want to know why his jeans are so tun up like that
  8. Work & Life

    did you chop in the end i chopped mine down for my most recent job was heartbreaking it is what it is shit has grown back tho them guys cant say nothing now
  9. Grenfell Tower Fire, Latimer Road, W11

    God bless her seems like she had a beautiful soul
  10. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    kai- the batty at the begining of the vid
  11. Worst Way You Have Been Turned Down?

    the above scenario - that hoe has a man when she was putting it on you like that she was drunk/ wanted the D - you should have secured that beat that same night grabbing numbers is pointless sometimes as soon as that ciroc/ henny/ gin etc leaves their system and they are truly aware of thier actions - they aint on it always try for same day delivery
  12. Taking L's with Links

    sometimes i delete sometimes i dont reason being is i like to know whos calling me never know when they might call you on a randomn i never pick up random numbers so i prefer to save most
  13. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    rah dont think its that deep bro
  14. Taking L's with Links

    lol most of the time this guy posts is to say 'that didnt happen' need some more tracks to your playlist b
  15. Taking L's with Links