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  1. This tkay is a certified juju guy

    the trap mash was actually the juju bop

    following his first visit to spac he actually confessed to going to a juju priest and was given an assignment to destroy the church (this was over a year ago)

    he clearly is carrying out his assignment and due to these people taking him in - they exposed themselves to this guy and he is now taking them down from within 

    Please watch the whole video below


    btw I have no affiliation to this church - I don’t attend these Pentecostal churches  I grew up with the standard Catholic Church and that’s where I go to 

    however I do know someone who is quite involved in spac and I asked her questions following these recent revelations and she pointed me to the above videos 


  2. 4 hours ago, Platinum50 said:

    Lol. Nah he is moist..

    Acts passive aggressive like some oestrogen filled woman and starts off the interview saying he thinks he is an idiot  because they have the comfort of security for this interview.

    Then walks off.

    The other guy composed himself wickedly & kept the show going.

    Exactly my sentiments 

    As presenters of a show they should be impartial. Dred lock guy didn’t even give him a chance

    i think he was talking wicked like that because as they said they had security in the room

    wouldnt be surprised if that ac guys runs up on him

    at times this was an uncomfortable watch .

    He clearly has mental problems and and times comes across as they were goading/ mocking him 




  3. his flow is hard bu he can be very repiitve 

    these days he forces the 'drip' lil baby dresses better than him 

    (what am i saying) :/



  4. first time ive wached the playoffs this intently 

    got into bball last year due to sip and shannon undisputed 

    kawhi in th clutch 

    hnestly that photo is going to be truly truly iconic - if its not already 


    look at ben simmons with the white boy colleague at work awkward smile 


  5. ive been tellign everyone who wants to listen 

    im still listenng to his music idc 

    flings on big ft kels - fucking you tonight 

    the doc actuallymade me realise how much more of a musical genius he actually is 

    what a shame about his transgressions man he would have gone down as a true legend 

    he actually is the kang of rnb 


  6. 23 minutes ago, SLEAZE BALL said:


    He knew what he was doing

    Went on chakas page and tagged his white gf as if he didn't know what was gonna happen then started ranting about black girls and saying he don’t speak on race but pro blacks are racist


    White girls being easier to deal with a myth just like black girls not giving head

    ive only ever had dealing with whites on a one bang flex and even that is limited so maybe im wrong here 

    black girls not giving head is an ancient myth - they be sucking the best D 



  7. in this case i understand his frustrations

    when black women see a black man with a white woman they come for him and his relationship and chastise him for his descions 


    he was angry and was just defending his woman an dwent over the top with insulting those who were ironically insulting him 

    when their is a black woman with a white man - the same outrage is not heard from these black women i/e serena and her guy , eve and her guy etc etc 

    if anything they are championed 

    and as much as i love my black queens it cannot be disputed that they are definiteness harder to deal with than other races 

  8. 1 hour ago, Tee said:

    if your from hackney you will always say your from east dont matter if your N1 or N16 most will just say hackney tho

    sayin that some on the borders will say north but id say that just down to where they roll tbh   

    this is kind of true 

    most people from n16 ive noticed will euither say there from hackney , then when pressed where in hackney will then say stokie


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