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  1. sexual assault the first card pulled by a woman when trying to bring a man down worse in the case then the accused is white another case of feminism thats gone to the extreme a man ended up in the station to prove his innocence over the drunken claims of assault by a woman of course in this current climate there is no option but to investigate and assume he is guilty when will it stop
  2. coming from the person who is the highest contributor to that venting thread a man is sparking a debate and this is what you come up with
  3. not well at all looking very typical of a manic episode of bi polar disorder but the points on the 13th amendment are true
  4. he is genuine tho as he doesnt need to pander to the black vote as labour got that shit on lock corbz has always been loyal to the cause
  5. nah had to quote again destroyed man
  6. and i gurantee all these perpatrators are ...........
  7. how a man that made this became the leader of the uk hip hop scene after westwood is beyond me white privilege at its best
  8. fucking jokes tho cant believe a man done for real and expects to be taken serious
  9. When pogba becomes captain when the new manager comes in that photo op is goin to be a madness milly rockin with the armband
  10. well you see in came obama with his zest for LGBT rights in his quest to remain in pwer and serve a second term additionally, white people seem to have this strange idea that these freaks deserve equal rights and are not subjects of clear mental illnesses furthermore , the gay/ tranny agenda has been pushed so far into society that an objection to such an artist would be met with accusations of bigotry
  11. grafter you big dummy now you say you never had me on ignore ?? brother you’re confused
  12. yes you are correct but yes you also love it over 3 times you claim to have me on ignore, yet you are here replying to me
  13. i did and i buss case you love it just admit it my g
  14. oi graffter you masculine female? i thought i was on ignore i keep telling you you love it bro pmsl
  15. how do you knwo they havent had a private conversation not everything is played out in social media
  16. imagine catching a cheeky wine and all of a sudden seeing Sir Alex's red face at the front door scary stuff
  17. God frobid it should ever happen to me 10 years + of destruction you have no idea its the family that get it the worst , you are only getting a percentage of the experience of dealing with your friend who was affected the family have to deal with it 24/7 unconditionally the sad statee of affairs is that the person with bipolar doesnt even know they they are hurting the closest around to them but theres only so much that one can take theres only so much you can do for people with this disability (or any ailment) when they do not want to help themselves they know they shouldnt drink alcohol, smoke weed , etc etc yet they do those things then you have to pick up the pieces again and again only to be insulted and treated like shit soon after
  18. Because we all have our own problems to deal with. I have direct experience with someone with bipolar years and years of the same cycle alcohol abuse , lying , stealing erratic behaviour ,stints in hospital it’s a drain tbh more of a drain on the people around them
  19. 13th amendement "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. the ting does need amending but this wont happen as its big business lets see
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