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  1. altho i am happy for him what has he done musically last year to warrant this nomination?
  2. margeret thatcher boudicea queev victoria Queen nanny marie curie rosa parks mopther teresa ....yhyh all slores


    The Wizrd Doc https://oload.fun/f/Cn3d5GKT8FE/THE_WIZRD_(1080p_HD).m4v
  4. obv poverty is the problem but poverty in a single parent household is exasperates this its simple single mum has two boys 14 and 15 single mum gets a catering job in the day and a cleanign job in the night mum goes out to clean from 6pm 6pm these two boys are left to thier own devices until she returns from night shift at 12am two boys are free to roam the streets causing havoc out of boredom, or convenience now if there was another parent in this case, at least one parent should be left at home parenting these kids and monitoring / making sure they are up to no good in some cases if the single mum is strong and has raised her kids well , the boys will have no desire to roam the streets or will even be shook to do so , but that still leaves them to commit other vices such as bringing girls home to the yard when she is not there or some other shit
  5. ^^^ my guyyy / as a tall man ive alwys found that naturally tall girls are attracted to me as i am in the minority as a result they have always been easy pickings when i lived that life...
  6. The pic they used for Beckton is the uni of east London campus :rofl: They just needed some tower blocks
  7. molesting young girls and boys in africa is widespread speak to most girls that have were brought back when young or even grew up back home when young and they will most likelky have had this experience
  8. stockholm syndrome is real and there are too many allegations to deny ffs my man pissed on a 14 year old girl - he a certified wrongun

    Nye plans

    rah but i got there around 12.30 and bowled straight through no search left there to go to my car at around 1.15 (henny bottle in hand) and went back in the bouncer try say to me that i didnt go pass with my bottle and he cant let me in without it i told him theres no way i am not going in with the bottle (i parted with £120) for the so called 'privilege' he was sayng ;there is no way i would have let you pass' in his strong naij accent after minutes of remonstrating with each other, he then said ' brother i will look stupid if i let you pass' i told him thats not my problem but i need to get in with this bottle in the end i i got in and had a great time the fact that you could walk with bottles so freely in the dance also was a madness if anything kicked off it would have been ugly for everyone involved
  10. why are the costs in £ sterling shouldnt they be in dollars
  11. the platform is the stepping stone tbh but the posty yute is smart what these kids should be doing is first putting their videos on GRM then when they get a buzz or pop , then put them on thier own youtube channels im surpsreid thier isnt a grm record label - would make a killing
  12. JOHN DOE

    Nye plans

    some warehouse in Acton was very live tho i cant lie
  13. JOHN DOE

    Nye plans

    went to a sick NYE party hosted by that guy that does all the migos videos best night ive had in a while BUT the security was dead , noone really got searched i left with a henny bottle and came back in no probelms i left again to put my jacket in the whip and came back in no problems i could have grabbed any form of weapon / artillery and handled it in that dance if need be it would nto surprise me if someoen was carrying in that rave not at all
  14. £supposed to be £12 but i give £15 each time sometmes 20 i have to trim the every week as my hair goes QUICK literally the within 24 hrs my hairline is growing and looking all kinds of madness after a week i start to look like a grizzly bear and my face starts itching and i get a rash as soon as i trim the face clears up - anyone else experience this phenomenon?
  15. i cut my hair once a week you arfe crazy to think i will be paying 88 a month for a trim - madness
  16. i watched it years ago tbh but not properly i thought it was him but somehow didnt care i actually dont know why but watchng it again as aan older person its quite mad imagine having to watch your deev sex tapoe in a courtroom full of 60 strangers , accusers and family fffs
  17. how is it important at this partivular time ? Are you saying that he didnt do what they said he did?
  18. i watched it yesterday def him the ting looks young man wrong un dunno why any man would want a body of a young woman when these tings thick tings are about r kellz ya kna could of had any ting he wanted and yet wanted youngers
  19. because his argument was that the guy was not him and the child in question also disputing that it was him the age of the girl could not be confirmed either so i dont think they could even get him on possession of child pron
  20. a man has been stabbed and left for dead
  21. sounds like propaganda aginats the lad to me but if true
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