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  1. i wonder if they will connect the cheif keef shooting as well this guy really had them shooters with him fair enough
  2. i watched and tbh was pleasantly surprised cant argue with a lot of what he said strangest thing was the questions afterwards were more geared to his alleged beliefs than what he actually said in the lecture he kind of sounds like trump in terms of the tone / cadence
  3. he aint lying tho maybe not millioanires but very well off
  4. these are so you mate very hermephroditish
  5. nobodys but here you are writing posts in a topic about said nobodys ?
  6. never had to wear school uniform? its all making sense now
  7. you right ....but rockports? schott jacket / jd basketball jackets, even kickers man dem i see them all now mad bummy
  8. you loser guy is out living his best conspiratorial life and you are out here making threads about him how old are you
  9. still dont know any of this guys songs NEVER hear them in the rave but hes headlingion glasto i dont think anyone that i know actually knows this bruddas tune i am confuse
  10. although you very much look like a man these emotional outbursts scream to me woman but im still not sur... if you hold dual citenzhip then you can be deported - if you had renounced the citizenship of your birth country then you cannot be deported as you would be deemed stateless but still mr/miss i thought i was on ignore?? you luv it you dusty barren whore #positivevibesonly
  11. may have to dig out this interview work purposes he chatting shit - he simply couldnt be arsed he prob never thought that there would be any possibility that a public school head boy son of a diplomat would be deported
  12. eben if you dont do crime, you never know how the law might chnage, what circusmtances you will be in etc etc best to do it now and forget about it rather than being lazy my man could easily have dont it but my guess it that he couldnt be bothered in taking the citiizenhip test / if he bothered to do it he wouldnt have got 'turfed' he would have been a british citizen
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46209149 hes gone lesson to all you guys that have leave to reamin here but havent bothered to become british citizens.. in these brexit/ nationalist times you need to sit that test and bcome a citizen or else you can very easily see the same fate....
  14. shes been superb to be honest withstanding all of the mutiny, leadership attempt , resignations etc what a woman
  15. do you see this word on my post because i dont its all societies fault innit, its the governments fault right, its my neighbours fault etc
  16. i dont buy this rhetoric that the govt dont care they definitely do - they have to hence why stop and search was brought back , tougher sentences on knife and gun carrying etc etc its not like the US where they literally dont give a shit and want more slaves for their prison system i agree with more social funding but chairty begins at home and we need to look more inward buefore looking outward ill say it time and time agin but the negative aspect of the most popular music together with the poor family structure and the general obsesssion with money/ balling out (which is largely attributed to the music) needs to be addressed we say the same things over and over again "Increased youth engagement from early/ pre-teen stage. That takes funding, and youth workers an people can turn their nose up at that all they like but it can work. The devil makes work for idle hands, young people need to be occupied and shown paths to success. A lot of them cant see the wood for the trees. Or can't picture themselves outside their current situation. Children are very malleable." He makes a good point with the above
  17. thats prime bbw jill scott been sexy ffs fuck me jill scott that was amazing
  18. JOHN DOE

    Break ups

    actually read through the thread again and clocked teh different emotions and stages i.. its mad that period when i was broken up i cleared so many tings after the first stage of hurt , i was fully out here chopping tings left right and centre got that shit fully out of my system sometimes i reminisce about that period as it was such a free time. shit was live after a while .. ever so now and again im lik ei wish i had the opportnity to beat one of them tings again a cautionary note to the men : dont let these women ease you into a relationship or kill you wth kindness and sex as men we age liek wine in he respect of our looks, careers and abilitues im 29 , and my career is only getting better , and this beard is looking more supple as the months go by im sure then men on here 32+ will attest to the levels of tings they started to collect as they gotg older and thier careers got better and therefore fininacial reaches increased
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