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    Break ups

    fukkk this was thread anyman that went /going through a break up needs this thread big up myself for being so vulnerable to express my feelings and emotions to you guys as much as we all like to be hypermasculine, i know some of my posts (and others) resonated with guys / future -throw away shouldve earned him a grammy
  2. your friend is a G can you imagine the conversations beck at the station "he slapped me sarge" feds mustve been ACTIVE that night looking for man
  3. https://news.sky.com/story/tinder-user-jailed-after-posing-as-woman-to-trick-men-into-blindfolded-sex-11549532 ?
  4. took lemons and made lemonade
  5. "big batty female... i dont want you i want you dee-tails" d fdrw r re ge bar of the year
  6. @underwriter tell us mate because ive had my doubts
  7. negative / but thats fucked oi imhim you could have got a massive pay out if you took your case to feds
  8. You’ve missed the point thread derail sorry guys back to fraudbae
  9. the black man cant conceal the lust in his eyes
  10. i can confirm you are indeed mad hastagged fraudbae as well dfsvf v v
  11. anything men can do women can do too right?
  12. wonder what he had on him/ vehicle / at yard if he hasnt been caught hes defo going to be now as a result of this viral footage links taking out phones to record guys being breathlysed is this life
  13. mate im sure where youre from you dont see too many blacks but round here the jamaicans, Congolese. ivory coast, somalians, sierrla leons , ghanaians , domican rebuplic etc etc all exist and each can take part in criminality usually in the form of shotting or more recently fraud its not a nation based thing anymore its a black' thing and like i said this comes as a result of poverty im sure every black person especially the men on this forum knows someone (or had someone in thier circle) who has been jail, someone who peddles drugs, or does fraud (or used to) its unfortunately criminality is not completely abhorred by us and as i always say the music has had a massive part to play in why
  14. by the fucking truckload ive been on both ends of the spectrum when i wasnt living right in my younger days girls didnt mind at al ... AT ALL and i see it now teh majority dont care either as long as thier getting laced they dont care about it until it happenes to them its just human nature i see high flying career girls with the fraudsters and shotta nowdays that i used to pile with and they do not give a damn as its all about the money unfortunately within the black culture fraud, drug dealear and criminal acivity is very much embedded lets not dispute this but that comes from a general state of poverty . its the same with lower class whites as for mr exposed... watch the whole ep i remeber bussing up at this ep at the time completely baited up the operation im sure there are many fraudbaes out there on this forum ...........................
  15. oi naomi got BODIES on her fak
  16. drift why you say that? / was it you whp recommended porterfords butchers someyears back cant get enough of the place now at lunch
  17. predominately white institution / agree with the above
  18. JOHN DOE

    Work Rage

    my guy , my fucking guy well done especially with the recordings
  19. just in case anyone was wondering both of the staff were BLACK
  20. ting in green had an ample back still
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