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  1. lol at admin STILL having a waiting period of activation of accounts. This alone has whats made vip2 boring compared to other years.
  2. waaah she deleted meoff facebook after i gave her a grilling lol
  3. what did they say about this on big brother then?
  4. let them join in then, dont make them wait a week ,
  5. lol her new boyfriends shes currently with that is some white guy must be pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i negged u by accident i meant to pos you, please change this.
  7. htdf jh f jhgf h g n gf n g n g n n f nd f nf DI MONEY BAGS calm down mate. dont get to excited
  8. if this topics gets to 10 pages ur all homo.
  9. had no idea. . . this is a major issue, kickin myself for not knowing awwwww dont cry mate, here have a tissue.
  10. The only Somailian i like is d double e but even he can get abit snakey . otherwise i want them all to die. just sooo anoying. fake africans tbh.
  11. shes having a break down on fb loooool http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507968494 I'm devastated about what's going on at the moment.. I have little sisters, a mum and young girls who look up to me..
  12. people still wearing air force ones like sheep?
  13. rnbizzle


    a black man working for another black man? lol quality.
  14. oh shutup mate. how about i put a knife thorugh ur f*ck*ng boat race. just watched loads of beheading videos, i think i know what to do now.
  15. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah dont cry you computer behind the screen cunts.
  16. rnbizzle


    bored of this topic changing thred now cya//////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  17. rnbizzle


    sounds good. tell me more.
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