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  1. Dj Rosso


    Couple of things might intrest you :Playing out at :INDUSTRY (The old Lime Bar) - Gonna be playing funky House + RnB.. There will be old skool on the night as well but im starting off here and i wont be playing old skool CONTEXT BAR (The old Bar Med) - Night Called House of Garage pure old skool wiv Funky House in Room 2 Catch us and The TouchFM crew down hereTITANIC-(West End) This one is gonna be massive loads of celebs down here also ..Gonna be playing RnB + Funky House , Gonna drop some sly old skool in on this one aswell if u want more info ticket outlets (me) then pm me :CHRISTMAS EVE :Catch us @ Copyright Club for Eye Candy , and then onto the Blue Ice Bar (near Gants hill) for Keep on Movin ..
  2. Dj Rosso


    Hope all goes well mate , will try pop down ...
  3. Dj Rosso


    Only a couple of people went fancy dress so i hear !!!!
  4. Dj Rosso


    ^^^^T & SK I'll be in Touch tomoz nite !!!!!
  5. Dj Rosso


    Cousre we are girl still come on here !!!! 8)
  6. Dj Rosso


    Rosso & Funky T - TouchFm - Every Saturday afternoon 2-4pm
  7. Dj Rosso

    Thank you all for your support!

    I always thought u was a vu man !!!!! :wink:wan*er lmfaohaha Let me know time and all that bro once u confirmed ...
  8. Dj Rosso

    Thank you all for your support!

    I always thought u was a vu man !!!!! :wink:
  9. Dj Rosso

    Thank you all for your support!

    HAHAHA u crack me up toooo much !!! Good luck to Blaze and all the crew.. Tipper ill be in touch got somethings in the pipe line might intrest you bro ....Thanks to all u can still catch me and Funky T on ya Radio Touch Fm Saturday Afternnons 2-4pm :wink:
  10. Dj Rosso

    select uk 89.6!

    Easy Girl long time !!! Hope all is well !!!! :wink:
  11. Dj Rosso

    select uk 89.6!

    Nice one bruv ........Just thought the amount they get talked about on here this was there site !!!!! :roll:
  12. Dj Rosso

    select uk 89.6!

    Do Select have a web site ??
  13. Dj Rosso

    Select Uk

    U getting a set on there Tips ???
  14. Dj Rosso


    Whats Belushis like never bin is it a big/small venue??
  15. Dj Rosso

    #1 Song on your birthday

    Beat Surrender - The Jam - UK Lional Richie - Truly - USA