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  1. HAHAHAHAH De Bruyne turn up for Belgium? Myth.
  2. Nainggolan been average for a while now. Good call from Martinez.
  3. Nemanja Matic

    Didn't make a single tackle or interception in the final. Didn't make a single tackle in last year's and only 1 interception.
  4. Harry marrying his lighty

    Everyone does
  5. Paul Pogba

    Pogba: “Stay at United? You're never sure of anything. Contractually, it's on, yes.” [Canal FC]
  6. How highly do you rate Andreas Iniesta

    Thanks for so much football I still remember the first time I saw andres play. I was in youth: Him, in the child. Someone at the club says to me: ' Xavi, down there is a boy who is going to be hell. They say it's great! ' there is him and another, troiteiro, who comes to be like Mario Rosas. Andrés looks a lot like you But when I saw him play, I said to myself, " What's up! This doesn't look like me as they say! What's going on? This is different! ' this one has more exit, more dribble, you can go to a band, you can make a croquette. It's very different from me because I play four, much more positional, like pep in his time or busi now. Andrés, on the other hand, could play ' four ', of ' eight ', of ' SIX ' and even extreme. Already as a child he was seen as a teacher by the way he used the body before receiving the ball, using both legs to play. Now it may seem until normal, but at that time it was revolutionary because he was still doing a right-leg control that the next play was running with the left. What was most surprising was that style of yours to guide the ball with the body, without even touching it. You saw him play and it was a show. What you thought outside, he did it in the field. It looked like I even listened to your thoughts. Then I did it so naturally that I felt like I didn't even think about it. Andrés associated himself, always played with his head up, didn't lose balls. I mean, concepts that we had been working with Joan Vilà for years and that he was in his body from origin. ' fuck, it's four years younger than us, but this kid takes it innate '. Andrés is, for me, the most talented player in Spain's history, that I have seen, uh?. Has a spectacular talent. If we talk about the person, it's a scandal. An admirable uncle in every way. Exemplary, altruistic, empathetic, team player, winner, field leader, always wants the ball. Do people know what that means? When many don't want the ball or paint because it's a trap, he always asks. Andrés always loves her. When other players think " ay, ay, ay " or " No, don't give it to me, please, not now ", andrés came and said, " come on, give it to me. Give it to me now, please ". It's a blessing to others. That's having personality, that's being a real leader. Silent Leader, but real leader. Me, that my whole life was a pin, needed players like andrés, like Leo, like busi. You've been the best partners I've ever had. They always gave you the right exit as bad as the picture was. I don't know where, but andrés always showed me at the right time. Look at me, I'm here! ' but he didn't tell me. Nor have we been talking much in the field and what we have played together for more than 10 years. You didn't have to. We understood each other with the look. His body language was the best way to communicate. It is also true that andrés has come out of purely academic. Sometimes, during the games we stayed looking at him. ' but what the hell did he do? How did he escape? If it was impossible! ' he felt that there were no impossible things for him when he connected with the ball. Dribble, last pass, acceleration, wall, imbalance, is happy playing inside, is happy glued to the band. He's a teacher, a true teacher. Besides, people thought andrés wasn't strong. ' that if you were little! ' if you were weak! Flimsy? Not much less. When he puts the body, they don't take the ball away. It's strong, but really strong. Look at how many matches he played in his career. It's been exemplary until this. In the end, mentality is the key to everything. And He's been very strong in everything, especially in those bad moments that many don't know. He had a hard time living away from his family and now I'm sure if they ask him he'll say that sacrifice was worth it. But who knew this would end like this? Who was gonna guarantee it? No one. It's so hard, so hard, so complicated, so long. The most normal thing is not to arrive. But that very strong mentality you have is the one that made you come here. In the end, Andrés is a guy who has angel. Don't ask me why, but he does. It's like iker casillas. The rest don't have it; they do. They have angel because at the right moment they get you out of the top hat the winning pass, winning stop, winning ball, winning goal. We have lived with andrés at barça, in the selection. At Stamford Bridge, in Johannesburg, even at that children's finale at camp nou, when I went to see him with pep, we were both on the first team, marking the golden goal in that game. Look what happened in the world. If anyone has time and you want me to watch the match against Holland. No, I'm not just talking about the goal. If you review the final, you'll realize what you really did. But why did andrés mark the goal? Because I had to mark him. It couldn't be another. Who could it be? Someone with angel. I mean, Andrés. An honest person, a real worker. And remember now that they said we couldn't play together... you know, machine. This is barça! A club full of debates. I felt bad for him because I always said that I need by my side people who associate. I understand better with those of technical quality, not with physicists. Of course those strong players are important, but look at Andrés, Leo and busi. I was traumatized by those debates that said barça needed muscle. What are you telling me? The most important muscle to play football is the brain, as cruyff said. It is the most important and valuable. It is true that we both suffer in silence. We're both very quiet. That's why I'm very attuned to andrés. I'm like him. I'd rather shut up and impose myself where I should, in the field: ' okay, three new players come, because I'm perfect for fucking mother! I'm going to compete with those three even if they cost 250 million pesetas! I will prove that I can be barça footballer! ' that is the mentality he had on his day andrés or the's, for example, with Yaya Touré. The one who doesn't think like that goes down. There are two options: Rebel like we did or fall into discouragement thinking you won't get out of this one. - Xavi
  7. Jose Mourinho

  8. Got a full Domestic set with Chelsea. Time to move on now though.
  9. Thiago Alcantara

    Bayern wanna move him on. Doesn’t do enough in the big game.
  10. Jamie Vardy

    Had another great season this year.
  11. The Official Chelsea Thread

    Be your problem next season. Absoloute bang average footballer.
  12. Alexis Sanchez 7

    3 goals in 18 games
  13. Harry marrying his lighty

    What does this even mean? If everyone was LGBT brainwashed then it would be the opposite. You really are a thick c*nt aren’t you.
  14. General Boxing Thread

    Warrington’s a dirty c*nt.
  15. Harry marrying his lighty

    Afrofag 🤣🤣🤣