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  1. Thizz

    Could you date a girl thats taller than you?

    For giving oral sex to a woman? ......................................
  2. Thizz

    R.Kelly - "Still Ain't Nothing But A number "

    What do you want us to do fly to America and citizen arrest the pied piper of R&B?
  3. Thizz

    Marvel Super Heroes

    Hopefully it’s a curve ball
  4. Thizz

    Marvel Super Heroes

    Gives away a massive spoiler for Avengers
  5. Thizz

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    Yeah let’s throw them in prison. Also let’s lock up film makers and actors.
  6. Thizz

    Who are the top 5 premier league keepers?

    top 2 Prem GK of all time (And I’d argue nostalgia would be the only reason you rate the other candidate above him) best GK in the world before the head injury and was still top 5 for years after. Fantastic player and a proper gent.
  7. Thizz

    Harry Kane - Here To Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

    1. City 2. Liverpool 3. Chelsea 4. United 5. Spurs 6. Arsenal
  8. Thizz

    Captain Marvel's backside na mek it

    Shit thread
  9. Thizz

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Kahn challenging himself and daring to be great as usual
  10. Thizz

    Charlie Sloth leaving BBC 1XTRA

    What a weirdo getting his teeth done!
  11. Thizz


    That’s not one of them
  12. Thizz

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    It boils down to this Without the song is there a killing? Yes Without the killing is there a song? No.
  13. Thizz

    Dayo going all out on his black queens

    Man who gets paid to get punched for a living in not very smart shocker.
  14. Thizz

    Pedro Rodríguez