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  1. Sky Sports & BT Sports

    Or mocked like when Liverpool did that walkout.
  2. Instagram

    Oh gosh the irony of posting this on a forum when you yourself are an invisible character.
  3. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    Yeah decent day to day pair.
  4. Instagram

    Yawn. Youโ€™re a p*ssy mate.
  5. Instagram

    Dressing up in fancy dress is a nonce ting
  6. Dipset back together?

    Safe to say that Dipset are byke bitch.
  7. General Boxing Thread

    Conor Benn isnโ€™t even British level. Another Hearn fraud that wonโ€™t be put in any decent fights now heโ€™s been put on his arse.
  8. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ the Brexit bully
  9. Official Betting Thread

  10. Winter has arrived

    Yeah we got it the first time you big div
  11. GRIME

  12. Bet there was loads in the crowd in 1928 signing that exact song
  13. Hazard is chucking it with the flicks this year