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  1. He said he can’t speak English but he can speak about all 24 teams in The Championship. so many quoteables ???
  2. A man has had every team in the league training session watched Not even matches Nah Don Bielsa>>>
  3. I deleted his music a few months ago I actually deleted 12 play featuring Chris Brown & Trey Songz due to association.
  4. Why didn’t he get the number when he saw her face to face? He should just thrown couple of gifs into her DMs Very disappointing https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6595461/Man-compared-stalker-Netflix-thriller-tracking-number-student.html
  5. https://www.hackneygazette.co.uk/hackney-and-islington-county-lines-1-5844361 I swear this has been happening since the late 90s. Even Eastenders have jumped on this
  6. Women stepping on necks and showing loyalty. Do them type of women exist in this generation of clout chasers?
  7. The guy is a fraud He doesn’t practice what he preaches (Any hotep) Always begging for donations
  8. I blame the parents for this.
  9. Stoke Newington is a grey area literally (North & East at the same time)
  10. Both N1 postcode is in East London which doesn’t make sense till this day.
  11. Children for being weak minded and succumbing to peer pressure.
  12. O Fenomeno


    I used to think Densie was the baddest until She is so young tho (I don’t even play in snow but she is so bad) https://mobile.twitter.com/jasarmfield/status/965308319543029766
  13. O Fenomeno


    Very good show but so overrated Informer>>>this
  14. Easily the best television series The British Broadcasting Channel has ever produce.
  15. It’s very tough to watch very tough Maybe because I don’t rate the lead actor or maybe because Colombia spoiled us.
  16. Didn’t seem like it Faze it was without the sound but vision instead.
  17. Never seen Arab woman who is above 7 and I have seen a lot of Arab women. Black women from start to finish are in their own league Easily God’s GOAT creation.
  18. Without heels yes? The tallest I have encountered was the same height as me(6”1) The rest are so small The smallest was 4”11(4”11)
  19. Overrated Social media hype was so silly.
  20. In their prime? League of their own? Nonsense
  21. Why do people always blame the parents? You can only blame the parents if they know and are encouraging this type of behaviour. This single or double parent household is myth I blame the children for being weak and not being able to think for themselves.
  22. Nonsense This is Football not NFL or NBA or MLS. How about these more of these PL kids go abroad. The levels are low in League 1/2
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