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  1. Raegus

    Black Boy holding a WHITE ONLY Party...

    Swear Diddy did this already? Get outta here.
  2. Raegus


    Prison jumpsuit
  3. Raegus

    Your kids

    Make sure you teach them about all the ancient African civilisations.
  4. Raegus

    Devil Music

  5. Raegus

    Devil Music

  6. Raegus

    Devil Music

    Pray to me.
  7. Raegus

    Devil Music

    You should be looking at me as some sort of internet prophet considering the Bible is the biggest load of fraff known to man.
  8. And what do you think would happen if prison became legit slavery? A "war on drugs" type deal.
  9. Raegus

    Devil Music

    God doesn't exist, renders all this invalid.
  10. What do you think prison is? And somebody really negged me for saying putting a 5 year old girl in a wheelchair is f*cked? p*ssy.
  11. Raegus

    Possibly another race topic, this time justified

    I think it was Cuba. But yeah I'm guessing he's one of those near-white Hispanics who are extra racist to try and hide the fact they're not white.
  12. Her life is ruined forever they did kill her really.
  13. Raegus

    Diddy is now>>>Jay Z

    How exactly is that the real question? If they're worth $500M that means they could sell what they have and have $500M. Letting your money sit in the bank is about the worst thing you could do. Much better to invest in say, gold or diamonds.
  14. Raegus

    Ari Gold (Rix) and Femmex Fatale Saga

    Should've been gonna, ruined the flow.