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  1. Will machines eventually turn on us?

    Robots would probably do something like condition us to make us think "we strive in war" and end up killing eachother off in a showers of nuclear bombs so they can rule the world in peace when all we needed to do was believe in harmony Ggs
  2. The ting goes.......... (Las Vegas Edition)

    you reckon not caring is the solution to not caring?
  3. If you could have a threesome with one which one would you pick

    twitched when nicki advised us to get a straw
  4. If you could have a threesome with one which one would you pick

    A that oldskool vs newskool rnb mashup would come like a mother daughter zorno
  5. Westworld

    thoroughly enjoyed that
  6. Drake

    guess im a liar
  7. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    who do you use bro @Mizchif
  8. Nothing beats a Londoner

    rah came here hoping for a thread about the many sick nike adverts should know better by now
  9. Drake

    think im out of touch with this new rap nowadays
  10. Netflix

    katt williams ting was hilarious especially the segment on sex dolls
  11. Orignal brits were black

    +1 You mean like..if we lived in harmony?
  12. Ayanna Jackson (2Pac Rape Accuser) finally comes forward

    need a condensed 3 minute version 4 whole videos you know
  13. Instagram

    lol previous page is cringe chatty patties came out in force
  14. Afro Latina struggles...

    you what
  15. Afro Latina struggles...

    shes so peng