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  1. Wait..what did you actually work out, the fact they made MK?!
  2. Not going to lie Episodes 4 and 5 was sick but at the same time confirmed a couple of predictions alot of people had.
  3. Well some guy at work was selling it for £240 no games as an unwanted gift. I offered £200 and he accepted but when I got home and powered it up he had left Zelda inside with obviously he had forgot about.
  4. Picked up one of these last week for cheap. Got Mario Kart and Zelda will pick up Arms at some point too but to be honest nothing else is getting a look in apart from Mario Kart and the moment.
  5. Trust me, the way he perfected that Scream tekkers... had Proctor moving like Sidney
  6. 😂😂😂 ffs
  7. S8/S8+ you'll regret going back to iOS
  8. +1
  9. What a player, still my favorite ever...Remember seeing him score that goal against Chelsea and thinking WTF
  10. Will pass on this and get a Switch once they are back in stock but praying they do a N64 one at some point.
  11. Should be anytime now. PSN updates on a Tuesday.
  12. Strong album you can just play without skipping any tracks. 4.44 and Family Fued had me like
  13. Truss nothing on the original.
  14. I hear you, same thing crossed my mind!