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  1. meridian

    FIFA 20

    FIFA 17 was the one! When we had pro clubs popping on here we use to get some decent games going! 18 and 19 were shit! Only got 20 to try out the new career mode and Volta..if its shit I'll trade in and get some money back like I did with 18 and 19.
  2. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    It was shown to us in season 4 both a Dragon flying over Kings Landing and a wrecked throne room, most people thought it was something to do with the NK though as they thought it was snow covered in the room not ash and nothing to do with Dany.
  3. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Final episode is also a disappointment if the spoilers are true which so far they have been 😑
  4. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    The Winds of Winter will definitely scratch that inch when it drops but obviously in the form of a novel. Apparently the set after the battle of kings landing looked more devastating than the winterfell set but not getting too excited until seeing how it plays out in episode 5
  5. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Trust me maddddness seeing them flames going out and it just going silent.
  6. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Watched it again, my first reaction was abit harsh. Loved the NK in this episode, that entrance to the courtyard calm asf.
  7. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Not gunna lie I found the first two episodes better than the third. Maybe I was too hyped for the third but left kinda disappointed.
  8. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Yeah ep3 Battle of Winterfell. Will be the longest consecutive battle ever in filming history.
  9. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Nah the first 2 are normal then the last 4 are extended between 85-90 mins.
  10. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Solid episode this morning. Loved how the mirrored stuff from SE01E01
  11. ?????? that was the best thing in the whole video but they have taken it from joke to paraody and now boarderline serious which makes it slightly cringe, but I'll never knock a man's hustle so if he is getting P's out of it then fairplay to him ??
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