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    info@locessex.co.uk That's his email from when I was speaking to him regarding PCP. I did PCP wasn't for me and luckily got out of it.
  2. The Nintendo Switch

    About time man..rumours was spreading they would drop it in line with the paid online service later this year... Guessing it's a port too.. gunna watch the whole of Switch Direct tomorrow
  3. The Nintendo Switch

    Zelda and Mario Kart are the ones I've spent most of my time on I've said it before but Zelda is easily in the top 3 best games I've ever played and trust me I've played a hell of a lot. Mario Odyssey wasn't anything special compared to past Mario games. Run down of games I've got. NBA playgrounds - Decent basically an up to date NBA jam and cheap but digital only Splatoon 2 - Just started playing seems alrite but the controls are hard to get use to. Armz - Don't bother Pokken - Tekken with Pokemon OK but got bored quick. LA Noire - Classic Fire Emblem Warriors - Again OK but got bored quickly As long as you got Zelda and Mario Kart you're good... you ain't going to complete everything on Zelda anytime soon150-200 hours maybe more plus the DLC pack, I'm on 50 and only done two devine beasts and probably 30% of shrines. SW-1268-2459-5985 if anyone fancies some Mario Kart
  4. FIFA 18

    @Thizz Can run a few games around 10..

    Use to but stopped last year as I moved and haven't got the space on the driveway.
  6. Arsenal Fan TV and chill

  7. The Video Thread part 2

    Watched this on iPlayer today, a good watch still.
  8. Amazon Echo Dot

    Know a few people that have them hooked up to their lights at home, seems handy but doesn't really appeal to me yet. Dunno how you only found out about it yesterday though, they been in the spotlight for a while now.
  9. Radar Radio

    That sums up the whole interview. Watching it again don't even think he is even that bitter more that he was looking down on the host and thinks if it wasn't for him there would be no Grime... He would never of tried it like that with a more reputable host say Sloth, Spyro, Logan etc. once again it was actually a good interview before that all started.
  10. Radar Radio

    Pretty much agree with most of what Jammer is saying in terms of how Grime is now and was actually a very good interview when compared to some on NFTR. Dunno who he had the chip on the shoulder with either the DJ or Rader but could tell from the start he had a bit of an issue.
  11. Kid will probably spend most of his teens getting bullied and they will need to prepare the child for for that, more so if its a boy, BUT then again you get straight couples that bring children into this world and put them through the shittest upbringing, as long as they give the child a decent life I guess that's the main thing right.
  12. Nothing beats a Londoner

  13. Nothing beats a Londoner

    Nike has a decent catalogue of adverts especially the football ones.
  14. WWE Thread

    Yeah wasn't bad at all. Women's Rumble was decent aswell for a first... Rousey was abit cringe should of had her come out at the end and beat someone up the pointing and smiling was abit shit. AJ & Nakamura will be a good match with Nakamura winning the title.