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  1. Thats fine if they are perfecting it, but more so because a bag of games drop in the last quarter and I already have a backlog I'm trying to catch up on.
  2. Shit RIP Live and Let Die is probably my favourite movie deffo one of my favourites along with Sean Connery.
  3. Poking the bear, this was always going to happen.
  4. I hear you bro was thinking that is probably the best thing to do.
  5. @Thizz thinking about getting a switch for Zelda and Mario Kart. You reckon I should wait until the prices come down later this year or isit worth the purchase.
  6. ??? Can't lie I've done the same.
  7. Apparently 35,000 in the EU but think that was just Adidas stock not sure about indies
  8. Decent, gunna try cop the Green ones in June.
  9. About time they got rid of all that boosting off walls and shit
  10. UKRecordshop did alot for Grime too. Was the only distributor for that genre at one point for a good few years
  11. Yeah think this is the set.
  12. Synchronized* Just Flo Dan and Skepta finishing eachothers bars, sometimes a few others. The stageshow riddim dubs were sick still
  13. What when they use to finish eachothers bars?
  14. Fucking hell I heard that name for years. He was quick with the uploads!