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  1. Help please

    Yea.Safe everyone, even Carpe, ill use that. Someone lock this please, unless anyone else has anything to say on the situation.
  2. Help please

    Someone posted a website where you could access information about areas of London such as crime figures, average income of residence and other shite, can someone post it please. Cheers.
  3. Pardner Money

    lol. Oh, thats cleared EVERYTHING up. You wank. You wanker.
  4. Pardner Money

    WHAT IS ITTTTTTTTTTT?????????????????
  5. Growing weed

    Are you Iranian?
  6. Fucking Sunday

    It was grass before init. Took about 2 f*cking days to flatten it and pout the undeerlay (underlay mama EI EI oh oh, whats popping tonightttt).When the gravels on ill up some more pictures.

    Im still with Brent LEA still. But I sent all my forms directly to Darlington.
  8. Pictures Please

    I'm a sick c*nt who wants to have this site closed down because I've posted child porn.*edit* Matt.
  9. Fucking Sunday

    Shall I up some pictures, that might make things abit more exciting. One second bitch, ill up em now. And yea, free work is a bitch. I even hate working for money, free work is even worse. They raised me and fed me for 21 odd years, I helped dig up the garden for free. I think we are even now.

    There was an interesting article in the Guardian about this actually. Apparetly, LEAs are not going to be dealing with the applications anymore, its going to be one main nucleus in Darlington. So now what the LEAs are doing is starting to get rid of people who used to deal with your applications in anticipation for the change over in about a year or two., So now ALOT of students are left without loans. The Student Loans Company are probably the most incompetent, inefficient and lazy call centre workers in this whole f*cking country. First of all, the number costs about 150 a minute to call, then you have to f*cking wait 15 minutes to speak to someone, then when you finally get through all they can assure you is that its being processed and they cant say any more than that. I APPLIED FOR MINE ON THE 1ST OF OCTOBER AND GOT IT ON THE 23RD BUT THATS ONLY BECAUSE IM A SHOWERGUY.
  11. Fucking Sunday

    Been working all f*cking day. What a bitch. Came down to my parents to 'spend Christmas with my family' (really I only had enough rent to cover me until the end of November), and my parents have me f*cking driggin up the front garden so we can put gravel there instead of the grass. Hands are killing me, knob is f*cking cold (had to wear these thin tracksuit bottoms) and my back is f*cking hurting. Its gonna look sick in the end though. When it was cotton everyone was complaining, but when its f*cking grass and mud, its ok. Doublay standards. What an interesting topic.
  12. Growing weed

    Shafe man. I might start growing some sh*t aswell.
  13. How fast do you type?

    Nice sig lolDid you make it?
  14. How fast do you type?

    do you type with your index fingers?? lollol he must have just fell asleep on the keyboardLOL.