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  1. France are due a major spanking in the knockouts Giroud take note
  2. Sgakaggakasyes rhshhsjsjshgsdr frhsgtsteteyyehegeggywtwjs shshgwgejehhehe
  3. Sick goal channeled that Zidane against Spain 06 tek
  4. these italians either a group stage exit or final no I between
  5. Pro

    NBA 2017-2018

    Tbh Draymond deserves that ban proper scumbag he is. This series ain't going to game 7
  6. Pro

    Career change

    Dream job from when I was young was oceanographer/marine biologist, chilling on the cooling breezes of the Southern Hemisphere, whilst getting accustomed to the local biodiversity. This would have to wait until way later if at all.
  7. Rooney proper feeling himself was striding like Achilles when he was strolling the beach
  8. Apart from a couple of dead weights this is the most impressive I've seen England start a tourney
  9. I miss the France squads with their legion of ball headed ballers
  10. Evra sabotaging the ting the 010 hate is still fresh
  11. Just as I was about to type how shit evra has been
  12. Pro

    Ramadan 2016

    What is it to you if a man decides to fast? These atheists always up in people's business. Don't even bother writing some long reply. Will only get that pristine alpine air from me.
  13. Pro

    Ramadan 2016

    Ramadan Kareem
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