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  1. Can’t wait for CL, 2 games feel sorry for the Missus ? Got a feeling we will roll Watford over fuck knows why
  2. Young Spray behind bars “Stay over there blood, there’s nothing for you here blood, except for a buss lip or a dip dip that will leave you lying down in bare blood” ??
  3. Martial >>> how arsenal ain’t scored is mad! This is like the old days of football I haven’t enjoyed a game this much for years
  4. Personal opinion is Pacino Scarface, Carlitos way, Donnie Brasco, Godfather, Dog day afternoon, Serpico & heat Top 3 pacino leo denzel
  5. Asensio >>> Cutrone is doing bits also please tell me why AC Milan are starting Borini?
  6. ????? might as well put Solanke onto get one too
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