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  1. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    But you basically admit defeat by selling your best players.
  2. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    You should have kept RVP and Song, if you did and added a utility fullback you would be challenging for the league
  3. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    Tfs been indoctrinated by Wenger
  4. I agree, the stats will get him the praise, but performance wise he hasn't been anything special, for what its worth i feel Ben Arfa had a better game than him today.
  5. Summer Transfer Window 2012/13

    You spent over a billion pounds to win these trophies, and your still all but a footnote in football history.
  6. The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Ballague is clueless, he has been for a long time, Liverpool fans especially would know that.
  7. Summer Transfer Window 2012/13

    No we haven't
  8. Summer Transfer Window 2012/13

    wages for the year + loan fee is £5 mill apparently / lol @ Agger being top 5 in the world. This is coming from a liverpool fan and he's a sick player but he wasn't even our best CB last season ffs. still think he's VERY underrated defensively and he's not too far behind the top 5 but still He wasn't our best cb yet Skrtel looks like shite everytime he doesn't play alongside him? ok. Skrtel had a better season, but Agger is the better player and only a fool would argue with that. Masch ahd a better season than Pique last season for what its worth, but Pique is routinely named in peoples top 5s still.
  9. Summer Transfer Window 2012/13

    LOL French owners>>>>>>>>> Treat their black players like chattel lol.
  10. Channel 4 House Party - tonight 12am - 6am

    f*ck this fat c*nt
  11. Channel 4 House Party - tonight 12am - 6am

    My nigga Jazzie is at 4 loaw it.