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  1. FIFA 17 (Official Thread)

    Those first 2 goals were sick. That should be a regular occurrence if you have players on the wave though.
  2. The Official F1 Thread 2016

    ? I was genuinely pleased for you, I'd given you that sense of purpose and belief that "anything is possible," even if it takes years of sweat, graft, rage, gut wrenching desperation and tragic failure. I imagine you remember it like it was yesterday... What FIFA was that? Day? Month? Time? What did you have for dinner? How did you celebrate?
  3. Yannick Bolasie

    Came on as a substitute against West Brom and should have got 2 assists - whipped in a perfect cross for Barkley and put Lukaku through on goal - poor finishing in both instances denied him, but an encouraging impact on his debut.
  4. Lionel Messi

    You mean, they can find 100 Eders but as long as Higuain is missing 1v1s as per usual, there is no chance of winning. In all seriousness, you have a point about Messi's lack of charisma being a deficiency as captain - he's quiet, shy and introverted. Don't overlook the fact Tata was the manager, he's an atrocious coach who compounded the problems as opposed to alleviating them and providing solutions for the team. Sabella was a joke too. I see what you did there, haha. The irony is that while Cristiano managed to have that impact from the touch line and various intervals during the final, whenever he was on the pitch in the Euros, he primarily stifled, intimidated and discouraged his teammates. Portugal grew in stature as a team from the moment they reorganised when Cristiano was substituted and they elevated their game... I actually don't think Messi is a conventional natural leader, he relies on his performance to lead, inspire and rally the team. When that fails him (nobody will always play well or even contribute), he doesn't appear to have much to fall back on... An ideal captain would possess more than that - typical leadership and motivational skills and a greater ability to influence players socially/psychologically. The only time I recall that his mere presence made such a noticeable difference was when he came off the bench against PSG at the Camp Nou in the CL Quarter-finals 2nd leg in 2013. It's arguably too much pressure for Messi to captain his country and replicate the type of performances he delivers for Barcelona, at this stage of his career - Maradona was built for it, but very few are. I feel playing with Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Abidal, Alves, Busquests, Mascherano, Pique, Suarez, Neymar, etc., afforded Messi the type of support on the pitch and in the dressing room, that runs deeper than footballing ability and quality - these guys are different characters, personalities or leaders who unite contingents within a team, if not the entire collective. Anyway, wearing the armband has been tainted in some respects, to me it's awarded as if it signifies less and less these days - merely a show of who is recognised as the best player, as opposed to the best candidate - Hazard (Belgium), Messi (Argentina), Ronaldo (Portugal) come to mind.
  5. Lionel Messi

    I didn't rate his decision to retire, so I'm glad he reversed it... I'm intrigued to see what mentality Messi plays with during the next 2 years and essentially how determined he is to succeed with Argentina. The adversity, scrutiny and devastating failure of recent events and tournaments should propel such a legend to even greater things and instigate an emphatic response to his critics. Messi is an extraordinary player with sublime natural ability and bewildering consistency. It's been a privilege to witness his career, despite struggling to reproduce the levels and influence of his club performances on the international stage when it mattered most. We live in a world where people are guilty of taking many things for granted, an inspirational Lionel Messi is certainly one of those, unfortunately. Hopefully Argentina can discover their very own Eder and Messi can complete his legacy to end any debate about his status among the greatest of all time.
  6. Yannick Bolasie

    This biggest factor in his development and success at Everton will be Koeman - Yannick's been playing under a generic British manager throughout his professional career and he missed on out the academy phase as a youngster - It'll be interesting to see if he will get the opportunity to form a partnership with Baines on the left, the support of a good attacking full back can only elevate his game and efficiency. Everton need a new centre midfield though, which should really be the supply for their attackers like Yannick Everton are in transition so I don't expect much straight away. C/s the Lukaku sentiment, plays like a playground striker.
  7. Yannick Bolasie

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02zdkg9 Confirms some of what I said.
  8. Literally one of the deadest kits, the players must be pissed. Interesting that on MNF Martinez reiterated Everton will always want to get on the ball and break teams down, wanting to control the game, but they've just camped on the edge of their box to counter in the 2nd half. I'm guessing this is another demonstration of the flexibility he called for in order to evolve.
  9. Bayern rolling on Hamburg, Douglas Costa getting the 5th. Decent strike
  10. OMG, what a mad goal by San Jose! Sky are a joke, spent time showing tennis studio discussion instead of being on time for Barcelona
  11. Pedro is a G, would love him at Arsenal. Leaving on 99 goals, argh.. Rather he goes Man City than Man U still.
  12. The Football Website Thread

    http://www.footballorgin.net/?m=1 Good for the latest football matches and shows
  13. http://www.footballorgin.net/2015/08/skysports-monday-night-football-mnf.html Link to the Carragher and Martinez discussion.
  14. Nah he was being negative, martinez was taking positive and carras are xamples were poor Even tho i see his point about the defenders splitting but martinez was defo right Trust. Carragher was very reluctant to adjust his argument or provide a genuine counter argument. It was literally manager/coach vs experienced player, different perspectives and appreciation of the tactical examples. It made me think back to some of the things I read regarding Benitez and Carragher/Gerrard and their differences towards the end of his tenure.I thought Martinez acquitted himself well because he was always gonna be respectful of other managers and their ideas, however, he did entertain or dissect the questions with enough insight and explanation. They should get him back on with Neville later in the season, it was good to watch. The playing out from the back discussion has so many variables to it, as does the tactic itself and any team using that approach should deploy as many as possible. I thought it was telling that Carragher described it as a recent fashion, that's only in English football. The high pressing/midfield man to man marking debate was interesting. Firstly I remember him admitting Bayern's approach at the Camp Nou was suicidal but he was the only pundit on Sky defending it by explaining his interpretation of the idea behind it, saying Pep tries different things and that's what makes him great, highlighting Bayern didn't concede during that period etc. Tottenham hardly threatened in that match so it's plausible that specific approach was an isolated example of Van Gaal adjusting his tactics in an extreme/aggressive way to nullify a specific opponent. Carragher could have suggested that and still went on to make his point, rather than assuming they'll continue to use it against better teams and get punished. Seemingly ignoring some critical circumstances; it being a new method, start of the season, Man U are a developing team with new signings, they will continue to work on and most likely improve their understanding and execution of it to reach the level required before using it against the best teams. Never mind the actual way they approached and performed in the big games last season. Tactically, Liverpool away was one of their most aggressive and impressive performances. In terms of the examples used, using a variety from other leagues that obviously execute them with more familiarity, efficiency and consistency would have balanced the analysis. Everton were poor for most of last season, largely due to a lack of cutting edge and acceleration in their possession. They were much better overall, particularly in possession, throughout Martinez' first season, yet they didn't use examples from that season either. It felt like Martinez was always having to defend or justify the tactical idea because it's not the English way.
  15. PES2016

    Yeah their Top Spin series was good, I rinsed Top Spin 4 and became unplayable.