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  1. Isn't the point that everything becomes a slower process and because of that everyone suffers?
  2. yo how did I miss this one, synchronised skanks to a next level
  3. them music video scenes, even has half the gang looking at the camera
  4. so I'm confused about the snap-election idea by Boris, is he basically saying "my party has fucked me so I should get them back by calling an election we'll lose" or he genuinely thinks Conservatives and Brexit party prospectives will gain more votes?
  5. ^ this I can't speak for the reality, but I feel like such articles (regardless of the person) do more to gather responses of "they should have been thrown in jail" than "oh its nice they were given a second chance"
  6. 😂 tbh the way I'm useless at knowing family my big ass family, if anyone suggested relation I'd ask my parents
  7. bananas are tropical fruit, they can't grow in a british climate, you could probably in a greenhouse but then they'd be quite expensive
  8. never heard of this guy before but someone posted something about him on FB earlier, some famed yoga teacher was getting his Naughty America fantasies on Sexual Assault Allegations 'Proven to Be True' Against Famed S.F. Yoga Teacher One woman said her yoga teacher, Manouso Manos, stuck his toe into her vagina through her tights while she was in a seated pose. Another woman said he stroked her genitals while she was performing a standing yoga pose. And yet another said he put his finger in her anus through her clothing while she was in a standing pose, bent over with her head toward the ground. https://www.kqed.org/news/11738739/sexual-assault-allegations-proven-to-be-true-against-famed-s-f-yoga-teacher
  9. Kensington and Chelsea for Notting Hill Carnival Camden is Camden Maida Vale is in Westminister Tower Hamlets (Bow, etc) for grime, RinseFM.. Haringey (Tottenham, etc) Croydon for dubstep, Stormzy
  10. dub

    The Rap Game UK

    nah the (white) public are only now warming to the scene so its perfect time, its the post-Stormzy world we won't enjoy it and that's okay because its not for us
  11. album had a few tracks I saved still 10 years of being in the game didn't teach him how to look comfortable in front of a camera though
  12. dub


    problem is the genre lacks cultural influence it was amazing during the 2000-2006 years because it felt like a reflection of the places we grew up in (and it was while we were still growing up too), and the emotion, the anger and hype put into the music felt genuine and you could relate no one's music sounds like "this is how I live" any more, even in their own perspective, except Slowthai and that's why his shit is probably the best you could associate with the genre
  13. dub


    Kano's album dropping at the end of the month. Looking forward to it. But yeah the scene doesn't appear to be buzzing like it once was. I do wish the black UK scene was a bit more active on a non-local level, there's so much talent but it seems like people aren't far-reaching enough.
  14. also recommend The Loudest Voice: Russell Crowe as Roger Ailes, the guy who created Fox News and made it into what it is today - with a narrative that it had such immense influence over politics over the last 20 or so years
  15. I feel it's losing its appeal because there's been no real music to talk about. But Joe and Mal's characters are very enjoyable.
  16. if you guys have foreign currency, may be a time to change back into GBP while Brexit has our currency fucked 1GBP : 1.06 EUR
  17. lol this guy is mad next bill that goes to congress will be about tightening gun regulation and have a footnote about funding the wall
  18. dub

    Shenmue III

    wow, can't believe this still isn't released November is the latest announced release date FYI
  19. dub

    Game Of Thrones

    ^ here are comments about it https://www.neogaf.com/threads/the-script-for-the-last-episode-of-game-of-thrones-has-been-nominated-for-the-emmys-you-can-download-it-now-and-boy-it-is-shockingly-bad.1495483/
  20. takes his seat tomorrow had a lot of useless politicians help get him there
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