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  1. https://www.instagram.com/draketwins/
  2. Jordan Peele (director/writer of Get Out) has produced the reboot of Twilight Zone - its pretty decent so far episode 3 brings black issues (racist cops) into the sci-fi space
  3. dub


    I hope I'm tired of Stormzy being celebrated so much
  4. dub

    Game Of Thrones

    the problem wasn't that she went mad, but that the build-up wasn't good, like it was obvious what they were doing with the story and the writing was kinda poor - there wasn't the forethought that the earlier seasons had (or appeared to have) it also seemed very out of character for the civilians to be killed
  5. rotten tomatoes has audience score of 22 but critics score of 67 - I'm gonna take the audience's word for it
  6. dub


    The Streets have released their b-sides and remixes
  7. dub

    Welcome back

    ok, well sending a member-wide email that "VIP2 is up again" is not against GDPR rules I know (now) that you can't use Invision to do this when users haven't accepted to be contacted this way. However, you could do a DB dump of all user emails and then mail them en masse manually. / just got cut off from VIP2 for a day+ because I requested an email address change and never got the confirmation email (and the resends up until now didn't come through)
  8. dub

    Welcome back

    'the powers that be' are stopping you? Invision definitely has the ability to email all members (in case its an issue of not being able to extract everyone's emails)
  9. album is pretty good as far as UK albums go these days, but I can't see myself pulling it up much congrats to him for the success #1 in the charts is amazing - have any other non-commercial UK rappers hit that high?
  10. I don't think I could hit my kids if I had them - I wasn't brought up on that so no way can I feel my kids would need it. Also I'm not sure I can accept someone hitting their children in front of me.
  11. fun fact: England is the 8th highest listening "state" for the podcast quickly became my go-to for the morning commute
  12. dub

    Welcome back

    bruv Reddit will never have the cultural relevance that VIP2 posts have unless there's some subreddit I don't know about maybe we should have just made r/vip2 in absence, but I like hearing about hiphop + grime + games + tv from people from the same place
  13. yo that Kojo set was weak, I cut off after 3 mins, he has no business watering down his content maybe Simon's management company is getting into standup comedy?
  14. dub

    Anderson Paak

    I mean the first 2 tracks released off the new album, Ventura. I don't like it at all tbh, but people seem to like it more than Oxnard.
  15. I won't lie, I feel like I would have been better over the last few months if VIP2 was up. I don't really want to vent for things passed but I can definitely tell now that it fulfilled a certain social need I had.
  16. dub

    Welcome back

    504 Gateway Errors
  17. I think they said something to do with the refurbishment. Anyway, the saved it to some extent.
  18. dub


    If you're ready to cheat then you should be ready to end your relationship. And if that's the case then just end your relationship. It's not worth hurting anyone in that way. I agree. People who cheat aren't necessarily scum. But if you feel no way about cheating, you're not healthy to be around.
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