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  1. We'll get a shit deal. No Conservative leader is gonna push for a public vote because it means the party will split. So they'll push for a soft Brexit. All the features of being in the EU without the power or name. Mind you, Jeremy Corbyn would push for the same thing. If Labour were in power he'd be pressured to push for a public vote on whether to revoke article 50. But as leader of the opposition he'll happily push for what's considered "better than a no-deal". Arguably our country could have made a success out of dropping out of the EU but you can't have the economic stability if your main plan of action is first and foremost the removal of "freedom of movement".
  2. dub

    Anderson Paak

    I don't have the most excitement for the new album after the 1st 2 releases
  3. dub

    Welcome back

    it had a "we're moving sites" message for me before I signed in just now (which I assume will show to everyone who's not a mod/admin)
  4. arghhh you didn't guy has bangers for days, probably enhanced every artist's career he worked with but yeah, he's a dirty guy its good we live in an age that doesn't let us celebrate such guys, it really is, but its nevertheless a loss thank god MJ looks innocent on some level (I mean, we get he's messed up in some way, but maybe not genuinely predatory), otherwise I feel the world would be a little too conflicted
  5. dub

    Jhené Aiko

    Spotify Singles its nice but can't beat the original
  6. kinda worrying, it's one thing having new exclusive content to Apple products (Drake, Nikki Minaj, Stormzy shows), but shifting the most popular UK Rap show over feels wrong, the culture should be accessible as possible or maybe he didn't have the most popular show at the time of leaving, I honestly haven't followed
  7. yeah, I like a laugh not sure it would last though, I'm petty
  8. why's he being referred to as a "Bristol" grime artist? edit: oh nevermind, he lives there these days - or did, before he got caught
  9. (stolen from the thread)
  10. dub

    Xmas Gift roll call

    extra additions: a book by Eugène Ionesco (pioneer of the theatre of the absurd), a smoothie maker, some chai tea paste pretty happy
  11. https://www.foundersandcoders.com
  12. £5 or £10 is nothing for what you get with Spotify
  13. was working yesterday from The Hoxton in Shoreditch, pretty cosy
  14. dub

    Xmas Gift roll call

    Can't you tell it what to play on Spotify?
  15. had to chill in my room for a lot of the day, too many people, definitely too many kids, a lot of noise in the air, could feel my pulse in my neck every time I come back for xmas time I tell myself I won't the next time
  16. dub

    Xmas Gift roll call

    parents got me French books brother + his fiancée got me a shea hair care set perfect gifts, things I need but probably wouldn't have bought for myself
  17. dub

    Xmas Gift roll call

    Haven't exchanged anything yet but I've got for others: 3x M&S vouchers Zara voucher Some vouchers for natural cosmetics / oils Plush dog toy Dinosaur toy A woolen cardigan A lounge hoodie 4x loose leaf teas Any winter boots/shoes my mum wants Across 9 people I think? Still have to wrap everything.
  18. where do you guys download your shit?
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