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  1. because they'll look worse if they don't report it first
  2. Sorry to hear about your family having it man. Thanks for sharing. Its f'd up. Just to think when we started playing basketball, after a few sessions he had to stop because he had some unexplainable pain in his knee that never faded. After x months of going to the doctors he finally got diagnosed. Its sad man. I hope it just has minimal progression like you said could be the case.
  3. Found out last night that a work friend has MS. Dunno what to think as I don't know much about it and I don't even have an opportunity to speak to him in person but I've been feeling really sad about it today.
  4. dub


    Wizkid chorus is nice
  5. dub

    Latest Drops

    Matt Groening's new series Disenchantment is pretty average in terms of jokes
  6. I've rediscovered drinking soft drinks in my more recent adulthood. Energy levels running low at work calling for a quick boost. Could be rectified by a better diet I imagine but that requires more of a conscious effort.
  7. I was introduced to this yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sYQBToCsgI a Serbian 'General Levy - Incredible' cover
  8. nah, Corbyn is off-putting for loads of people, he's been way too unspoken on topics that voters, who would jump from one party to the other, might care about he might have been inspiring as the head of a movement, but he's not displaying himself as the potential head of the country that is needed
  9. Looks like the Chicken Shop Date girl She has a legit argument though.
  10. She's not the leader. I think the leaked messages were done in favour of her. Make it seem like he was potentially in the wrong. Didn't seem like anyone was questioning truth of the story to begin with though.
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    Work & Life

    Barcelona is starting to have more English speaking jobs. Lisbon as well.
  12. He's dead? Wow. I'm not sure whether to reply "nice move" or not. But yeah, interesting tactic.
  13. Could make something of it, but I think that time when heads had time to rep VIP2 has passed. I believe most people who would have been motivated to have higher priorities
  14. Asia Argento denies https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/aug/21/asia-argento-denies-sexual-assault-claims-anthony-bourdain
  15. Should be something that's discussed. Can't be rerouting my money without my knowledge in such a way.
  16. he's praised the UKIP for "stirring up" politics
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