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  1. Week 15 - 17/18 Premier League

    Have arsenal won more trophies than man utd since ferguson has left? Including community shields?
  2. General Boxing Thread

    Fuckkk stream died any others?
  3. General Boxing Thread

    Any links pls? not paying for this one
  4. lol Waz rolling back the years Sucked cech lol first one that's come off in 3 seasons
  5. NBA 2017-2018

    Season is lit giannis amazing last night u gotta see it lol
  6. Chelsea just won me 4 bags the cuntsssss
  7. Week 03 - 17/18 Premier League

    Xhaka.... again
  8. Dot Rotten vs P Money

    Hardest one yet imo
  9. Game Of Thrones

    Felt mad weird when bran said Sansa looked beautiful?
  10. Dot Rotten vs P Money

    Lol 100%
  11. Dot Rotten vs P Money

    I'm fucking Benning bro
  12. Young Thug

    Guys thugga is fine hytunes will be a classic this mixtape run is unprecedented, what isit like 7 in a row? Or even fuck an album just keep dropping tapes with a couple smashes on every 6 months we good
  13. 21 21 21

    Whattttt no 'issa' love? nearly crashed twice ta bumba bank account >> 7 min freestyle >> numb >>>
  14. Young Thug

    Pos pos the way I sing along to this in the whip lol