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  1. Young £

    Welcome back

    Rah it’s back lol i used to check this site EVERYDAY multiple times A DAY for YEARS. Even without posting much kinda needed that break though lol never been a twitter fan really but find myself enjoying that much more. Sad the forums dead though!
  2. City are trash Arsenal are super trash though
  3. Wtf 1:15am at night, 6 year old asleep in the back She left him for 10/15 mins outside a store with the car running? My baby mother could never
  4. Young £


    Drake’s behind bars droppin on link up tv tomorrow rapping over a uk drill beat
  5. Lol son >> was running for his life
  6. “They’re gonna hurt ak” had me in tears
  7. Young £


    Thank god Push
  8. Have arsenal won more trophies than man utd since ferguson has left? Including community shields?
  9. Any links pls? not paying for this one
  10. lol Waz rolling back the years Sucked cech lol first one that's come off in 3 seasons
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