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  1. When I ain't shaved I look 25 After I've shaved I'm looking 20
  2. Loooooooll "cool person" I hear ya don
  3. If that was goodaz that said dem f*ckery to Titan youhave no class Internet or not there's certain things you don't say and it would be an on sight ting
  4. Ego Smurf Skywalker Classic Ego
  5. This place has come off its hinges even more since the whole gayle escapades
  6. No its Gayle's wake f*ck*ng HELL LOOK PON HIM HEAD
  7. Moving like mastersteps after getting outted with the site closures
  8. This thread had me in stitches tho on a real How can a man be keeping up this f*ckery for so long tho really Guys probably wearing sports thongs while being miss jay after coming from the gym from doing nothing Guys a creep man lol
  9. Is this how Darrens been spending his spare time loool 50 Shades Of Battymanism
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