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  1. agreed cc has been talentless for a long time I didnt even think he had potential at chelsea and he was on loan to wolves and charlton. the stats on wiki dont lie his ratio is not good viewing
  2. as a utd boy I hope it aint an ex-utd player or moyes
  3. even tho he has bagged 4 in 2 games..torres is still a long way from form
  4. lol at people not rating valencia....'awaits to hear some tomfoolery' i.e people like aaron lennon are better etc
  5. chelsea not businessing to lose there crown early doors
  6. when does petr ever save pens.....you know this team is sh*t
  7. fergie's 200th cl game as utd manager.... P:200 W:110 D:51 L:38
  8. fellini would be a good player for domestic games but when it comes to them nitty griity tight cl games a man would go missing
  9. can see a shaktar vs the old lady stitch up at the don bass tonight to get chelsea out..chelsea need a postive result in that one dont they???
  10. At home to benfica I think so......lionel is a bloody beast and its just the start of december could hit 95 this year
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