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  1. The Ajax gk yesterday made some good saves vs Bayern
  2. If United play how they did tonight a heavy defeat is on the cards
  3. Man said you don’t even speak up when man goes ahead of you in the barbers...???that’s the best thing I’ve heard this month
  4. Boy United are probably due to get spanked by whoever they draw in the last 16
  5. That montage was brilliant of all them fights ??
  6. Them Scottish man have been racist from early hense why no one goes to play for the teams up and secondly the football is shit
  7. A few man at PSG are going to be available then
  8. It’s 10 years ago for fuck sake, let a man live
  9. That is too much cream bro.. I would be on the toilet in the morning if I drunk a bottle of bailey’s ciroc Black is doing bits for me atm
  10. Are arsenal winning the league tho... that’s what I’m trying to get at
  11. In modern day terms, I know it may sound weird. but in the terms of boyfriend and girlfriend is this now a term which is not has much substance anymore in later life. i see it more as a ting of just sexing one ting and not having the ties of an actual relationship like a exclusive link or glorified link is a term I have heard Opinions
  12. Going to be some mad pees going round for the rematch
  13. I didn’t expect Cardiff to beat Wolves last night
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