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  1. has somone got virtual dj for me pls or any other software tht would alow me to stream to this radio safe gt nuff reggae tunes to play
  2. Its just a cheaper way of moving home if it existed. Dnt see how I'm wasting time to look for a cheaper method To buy n sell ur property these days is expensive could pay up to 10 grand
  3. All depends who she comes into contact with If she works there's more chance of cheating to occur
  4. And you lot trust that site Dnt think I'll ever buy bud online
  5. Betta get a move on ked
  6. Mr martinez..I'm strictly talking privately owned hosing if u mean that send me link to website safe
  7. Just to add the cost of moving is expensive Were talking 5-8 grand most you will be paying … for movong buy usimng this service is couple hundred What you think. something people would use?
  8. There should be a company that specialises in this. They could send out surveyors and put a value on ur property then you will look for property in same category all for free and you just search for ur next property. Feel free to take my idea and make it happen
  9. Does this exist can't find any website but surely this is possible saves you All kinds of hassle of selling\buying
  10. Perfume, Gift cards, Money, Chocolates, socks.....
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