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  1. smh just cos he's not dancing down the catlwalk in a shiney suit doesn't mean he's not involved

    and he didnt invent ciroc ffs it would still exist with out him

    Dunno where this myth he owns it comes from

    Guys just an ambassador for them.

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  2. Diddy is the last man standing from his generation of Hiphop tbh

    despite how shady he's moved in the past the guy has stayed current his whole career no ones kept up like him for as long as he has.

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  3. Nope


    Yeah they jumped the shark months ago.

    I know I didnt jump to nothing...

    from the times I know most man on here think they know a lot of football but can't play the game

    and talk about sex when clearly most man are bussing speed wanks when mel b comes on the x-factor

    just saying

    them confessions there.

  4. You know what I take it back

    If you're genuinely into watches and that your thing then fair play, but if its just to show to everyone that you can afford an expensive watch then I think that's really sad.

    I think it's just the whole showing off culture we seem to be living in I'm tired of.

    somthing very primitive about the need to wear shiney things imo.

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  5. Diddy wasn't actually doing anything with his mic except jumping around like a monkey.

    He's too old to know the lyrics

    yeah but tbf look how drake snatches it

    no need for that blatant disrespect to an og

    like say drake wasnt singing in the mirror to his fake pusha mic while diddy was spending Benjamin money.

  6. wow that's sad

    only thing sadder is the fact it's all in your imagination.

    Why would I make it up you bitter child?

    because you are a character on a forum?

    fuck knows why don't u up a pic and shat me down?

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  7. even more dumb when u consider basically everyone in 2014 has a iphone or smartphone or some typa phone

    which does what the rolly does plus a million other things

    so basically these man just paying for a shiny wrist ornament

    A nice watch has class about it which cannot be replicated by an iPhone. Not everything in life needs functionality as prime objective. Mine is a mechanical watch (automatic), I therefore know that practically any digital watch will keep time more accurately over the course of a week or month. But there is no magic in that, in having any circuit board regulating the time. There is no craftsmanship. Maybe it comes with age.

    I personally think my bare wrist is classier.

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