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  1. how they matching you with fictional characters?
  2. Nice greens those are definitely the nicest 1's to drop since the royals. Not really a fan of 1's although I'm tempted to grab the fragments at the end of the month
  3. Sole

    Bill Cosby

    guy wasn't even that talented all he did was pretty much play a friendlier version of himself what else has he even been in?
  4. Sole

    The Watch thread

    I just don't get the point a car I can understand but a watch? like say your rollie don't say the same time as a flik flak.
  5. Pmsl Man like TONEY is pissed he didn't get love when he dropped these kinda bars he got the line dropped on him.
  6. no one begs john must be that funny.
  7. Even if it spawned from a whisper in the back of faces between Ade the fragrance flogger and Jermain the trap bawse, how does it effect your life? Let the man live, if we are to question every story or reputation on this forum then we might aswell shut up shop now. erm it doesn't. apparently he's a character so don't worry about letting him live.
  8. smh salty of some tales on the net? I'm just asking a question ffs wondering where all this admiration and 'gawd' talk spawned from put away your cloaks fellas I'm sure he can talk for himself.
  9. never have. this guy ever backed his talk?
  10. she mistook your browser history for bredrin.
  11. you think em has made better music than ye?
  12. but if they're not gonna give people the consoles then why are they ordering 5000?
  13. those aren't Air Force 1's / what is you're actual problem? is there anything you like? such a pretentious little c*nt y u mad brah? never said I didn't like them just laughing at the lucky bit, like say they were hard to get.
  14. Ehh some of the strictest parents, hardest working parents who try their best end up having kids who do f*ckery. Sometimes it can be bad parenting but sometimes that isn't the case more time it is tho imo
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