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  1. Sole

    Swarvo shuffling

    Nah i don't know the brudda. However i rate your boy Skrapz from wen i was at this work programe/course thing in Finch 09 he was there too only man to pull up there in a B.M.W that actually sounds like one of his bars. is that you skrapz?
  2. Sole

    Swarvo shuffling

    last time I see skuffer he strangled blacks for a zoot.
  3. No it doesn't one is asking if 95% of failed threads have failed for that reason and the other is asking if 95% of all threads have failed because of that. which is a stupid question.
  4. Virgin>>>>>>> Can't be getting your net down a phone line in 2014/15 if you're having to reset your router you might want to check you have the latest hub:
  5. More time will make the room look even smaller.
  6. Ralph doing 40% off anything if you spend over £300 probably the best thing I've seen all day.
  7. Yes pal I haven't been under a rock the last 8 weeks. but it's rap. / Nothing like a sale to bring the c*nt out of everyone.
  8. Do you even know what song he was quoting yosh?
  9. tross that's like actually living one of Gayles guises ffs
  10. Sole


    she's rollin all inclusive tbf
  11. am I the only one who couldn't give a fuck about these sales?
  12. why do you think it's ok to be racist like that? pretty sure your slave ancestors would be ashamed.
  13. how many nonconsensual?
  14. Sole


    it's bowing under the pressure.
  15. yh depends on how long it's been since u last felt a woman's touch.
  16. Sole

    Rating Chicks

    Didn't realise I do it that often Maybe cos I have a lot of friends You and Afro probably can't relate tbf.
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