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  1. You seriously can't draw a line between a man in a relation with a child/animal. Compared to two men in relations? I'm just asking why is being gay a sexual orientation and not fetish? so going by that logic being heterosexual is a fetish as well yeah? don't even get what point you're trying to make smh and as far as the difference between batty men and nonces goes It's quite simple the two men are both consenting a child/animal is not.
  2. yh but he hasn't actually done anything He realises its wrong to feel like he does and wants help should he not be helped?
  3. if its the same venom then he's been at that for time guy is a crackhead, he went on another random forum to copy and paste a post I made on here, then came back and claimed I had copied the post from the other forum. dumb shit didnt realise that obviously the time stamps would show it was posted here first pmsl But who the fuck has time in their life for that type of nonsense smh.
  4. Sole

    Rating Chicks

    is that the big brother one?? she used to be a nitty for my boys dad.
  5. truss he gives u a run for your money in the cringe game.
  6. that's not the same thing ator at no point did you have a gun pointed at you. Also why did u feel the need to mention the guys race?
  7. venom wasn't carpe venom exposed carpe.
  8. been looking for one with the temp control 250 is a bit pricey tho volcanoe is 400.
  9. / You laugh, but we're in a thread about a 14 year old that made 14 grand off trampy packaged food. Prick. would you like to break down exactly how he made any money then?
  10. who is this venom account tho? cos the real venom was called Marvell.
  11. now that's a bit more like it seen more choice in a wetherspoons than fazes spreadsheet.
  12. Sole

    Bill Cosby

    How can posts so long have no content.
  13. Ratings.(If your actually turning tings down) the mad thing is having a wifey is like a feramone I think it's cos I lack any desperation/thirst and they find that attractive.
  14. Sole

    Bill Cosby

    thizz still hacked yh
  15. Been with my girl nearly 10years never cheated. / one of my boys roles with his sister fiancé and get up to all sorts of fuckry it's actually disgusting when I think about it smh.
  16. bun milkshakes basically drinking a tub of icecream.
  17. pmsl Adidas tubular cheap as chips.
  18. Sole

    favorite dessert?

    Places like turkey and Arabic countries always seem to get the cakes wrong bare flan and dry sponge involved
  19. Sole

    favorite dessert?

    that's a whole desert menu
  20. Sole

    Bill Cosby

    What no one remembers this?
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