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  1. A lot of shit trollls in ere.
  2. Sole

    Rating Chicks

    what would u call her?
  3. so basically u want some roshes.
  4. Female friend of mine told me she finds it very unattractive when her bf asks for cuddles.
  5. yh it's not for that audience tbh.
  6. yh but he should have known better should have stayed online try to build a bigger following and get some of that views money
  7. yh but that's exactly where he fucked up taking it outside those circles.
  8. dunno about that maybe if you never had it in the first place on some raised by wolves/foster home shit.
  9. Sole

    Bill Cosby

    who the fuck would rape that tho.
  10. Never used one shit I want is always excluded.
  11. exactly was looking at buying somthing in Oxford and its basically the same prices.
  12. yep that's why I kept saying its not really their fault but it still is what it is Jayden smith killed it when he went to kanyes wedding guy went and got some attention at the wedding of the two biggest attention seekers on the planet.
  13. What makes you think the have to do anything in particular to get attention? Bit of a weird question because they do yh they can ride the child of a celeb wave but that only goes so far they both clearly wanted their own fame and set about getting it why would you want to be famous if not for attention?
  14. nah its not that deep they do it for the same reason this generation do anything for attention they got it even worse cos they know they can gain it easily and have everything else.
  15. smh I don't expect that of you youre one of the few I take serious guess I will refrain from conversing with u in future which is a shame.
  16. also allow the whole "you don't understand" argument I get it just think its bullshit.
  17. I'm not just seems like your looking at them through a rose tint Some people thrive in the current Eductaion system. The smiths just have less limits and boundaries than regular children so as cringe as they are I don't blame them or let it annoy me. they're are also plenty of children that are in similar positions to them just not as gassed/weird probably because they don't have the famous parents and think they're running round with an automatic cool pass.
  18. yh not sure why your so gassed off these kids they're just as fucked as the rest of us just in different ways.
  19. smh not this shit again fam u ain't funny.
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