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  1. nah they're extra on purpose whole bit on them explaining time was cringe proper try to be different it's all a bit force all I can say is its not their fault tbf.
  2. why do u think I'm in piff gang?
  3. wrap it in a towel and leave it on till you see the lights turn green.
  4. who do I make out to be?
  5. if u say so I think it says more about him than me tbh.
  6. it was actually never about trueys but I guess
  7. can't have silk sheets and a coat like that brah.
  8. One of the worst songs I've ever heardAbsolutely awful I can't even hear the bars. Seriously, do you get your sh*t mixed down? Do you have listening sessions or play this to your friends and ask for feedback? yh wasn't your carer like 'allow that'.
  9. I like the way they have stitching like the jeans was disapointed to see you couldn't wear a belt with them.
  10. 1) This is a brilliant diversion - What has your favourite rapper done for Ebola/Africa? (Is what was meant) 2) His daughter was an adult. He couldn't control her every move. so could your child end up on heroin?
  11. Kept his kids of the smack.
  12. I'm honored was expecting a meme but nice to see you've gone the extra mile for me.
  13. wasn't saying its right just if that's what gets a man off then that's his thing you can't apply reason to it tbh
  14. Dirtbags in every walk of life you can't apply that logic to these sort of guys.
  15. it's Niall what do u expect he's that guy that puts all his effort into appearing to others he is successful rather than actually trying to be successful leave him.
  16. fam this is vip2 u ain't got to that fraff to us beyonce got your girl gassed and u got her a ring to shut her up progress innit.
  17. Sole

    Sticky situation

    must be a fucking simp if you think that was going at your mum retard behaviour.
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