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  1. U can only begin to understand that pain once you become a parent. It wont help but really sorry again
  2. Sorry to hear this bro. Can I ask what happened ?
  3. became a meme again recently and he set up a page
  4. The plantation from that vid someone has got behind him that has created the machine for him. Would really like to know the ins and outs fully
  5. Mate don’t care how u wanna look at it not saying u have to lust for material things but there has to be a line and wearing second hand clothes (especially shoes) has to be one of them unless u are in extreme poverty
  6. Good idea but why is this ag acting like wearing second hand shoes isn’t a big deal ffs
  7. Bro when r u just gna tell us the story ffs its been a decade
  8. It’s not . They just both running with it
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