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  1. Go on YouTube and type noting hill carnival 2013 police dance off lool
  2. That's the way I prefer it, and with her on top, it made it worse on that occasion as the bum hole was more visible and spread out, if I was to be on top, her arse would have been hidden a little more and would have been more bearable
  3. Was 69ing with girl on top and she hadn't wiped her arse properly and my nose was millimetres away from bum hole. Carried on for a few more mins then banged her
  4. the dude goes nuts on the bus lool
  5. most of u lot got more footwear than a woman. i got a pair of trainers, pair of work boots and a pair of smart shoes.
  6. 2themax


    liver and onions, with chips and gravy or chips and beans >>
  7. maybe true, id never tell a man obviously off his head on crack, on the bus to shut up tho..not worth the possible outcome
  8. much easier for women to get involved over men- an angry man is much less likely to stab a woman to death
  9. talkin bout international manhunt, did they find that usa cop yet?
  10. no wonder hes called rich kid no offence tho
  11. more like is his dad famous...pilot get ten times more money fame n girls than a theatre actress
  12. i wouldnt get involved tbh, i would have let the 70 year olds get her way n leave window open for the 15 min journey, wouldnt have got involved with the other guy, too many people are getting stabbed for sticking up for people esp. on busses nowadays tbh. in 15 odd mins u will be home so y bother?
  13. dad- self employed landscape gardener and i do the same
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