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  1. link? my usual rgf.is is dead now where u man getting links for fresh music now?
  2. WOW!!!! That P.B defending is mad!! And wild!!! man is defo getting paid good money to defend this bs
  3. it was on kick off with hugh woozencroft if anyone wanted to listen
  4. never thought i'd say this but John barnes is dead to me, white supremacy can have this fucking agent i was listening to talksport last night i couldn't believe my ears, man was calmly defending the fuckery even when Darren tried to show him he was enabling white ppl to think all is bless d*ck head
  5. Incumbent


    BIG!!! BIG!!! BIG!!! Kano & Ghettz back to back verse>>>>>>>>>>>>>________ JEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!!
  6. any links for arsenal v villa or chel v pool games?
  7. Nah not for me Jeff "singing" a next man's ting is easy
  8. Norwich first game back in the pl is at Anfield yeah / chelsea man u game going to be interesting it'll either be a dead game or one gets spanked good and proper / villa at spurs, villa gonna get that work / leicester v wolves gonna be lit
  9. Incumbent

    African Child

    while that maybe true for bare ppl why give them reasons to make it easier for them?
  10. Incumbent


    his hard but i am not on that mad man vibe TN Biscuits is fire though, love it!!!
  11. who's your money on? surely it's villa but derby did a madness tonight so who knows
  12. what a game feel sorry for leeds i really wanted biesla in the prem maybe brighton will come in for him but suspect he'll want to finish the job next season and get leeds promoted
  13. bwoy!!! my heart was racing watching that shit, i don't think i would have got off the bike the bear was far behind so i would picked the bike over fast and carried on fuck playing hide and seek with bear who have excellent sense of smell
  14. Incumbent


    it's a shame
  15. Incumbent


    there's white girl loving & smashing then there's breeding the ting
  16. let's hope arsenal & chelsea don't let the pl down / considering how this week has gone and if things follow the same path, the gunners may let the ting down
  17. you man are giving me jokes, smashing bare tings has a shelf life imho and it sounds like most of you repressed the urge too soon but at some point a man will get it out of their system i just hope for most of you it doesn't continue for too long
  18. imagine Vert's injury didn't mess up ajax's flow, he stayed on the pitch and siss didn't come on i am sure ajax would have scored a lot more goals sissoko had a massive impact in putting the brakes on ajax when spurs were on the ropes
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